[Manga] Kirakira no Hibi (キラキラの日々)


Back in 2014, I posted Kirakira no Hibi and my new found love for Sagami Waka. Years later, I finally had the time to sit down and re-read the entire book again.

Kirakira no Hibi features two short stories from Sagami Waka.

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[Manga] Ani no Senaka (義兄の背中)


In this world, there are people you can’t fall in love with…

…like your late sister’s husband.

That is how Yuki opens the story followed by his normal everyday life living with his sister’s husband. A story with that kind of introduction -slight angst brought by one-sided love is always my cup of tea.

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[Manga] Dramatic Maestro

Mao only had 3 girlfriends after he entered senior high school. All those girls were stolen by a popular guy called Natsuaki Yuu. One day, he caught his girlfriend with Natsu. Angry, he slapped the other guy before walking out. But that action only made Natsu more thrilled and interested in Mao?

I starting to believe that Recent Reads are the product of my procrastination.