I love Sagami Waka now. First for creating Dramatic Maestro. Now for this one. 😀

The first part of Kirakira is about Nanami who secretly admires the surfer Shuu. The latter is usually expressionless and difficult to approach. For some reason, he laughs and talks a lot when he’s around Nanami.

Surfer dude reminds me of Sousuke of Free! only a little less intimidating. But the built, water affinity etc, they are both the same. XD

This is a fast read. I didn’t even notice I finished it already because I haven’t had enough of the characters. ww

The second story included is Kamatte Kawaii Hito. Natsumi Hayato goes to a cat cafe to cure his fear of cats. He meets the Hikaru who is known for being the Prince of the cafe. Thus, their seemingly dog-cat relationship starts.

While I’m more of a dog-person, these cats are cute! Same goes to the story. Cute and fluffy! <3

The way their romance unfolds is a little fast but it’s nice seeing their reactions to one another. Both characters are stubborn and won’t budge right away.

Both stories are nice reads. I’ll keep an eye for more Sagami Waka~ 8D


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