Mao only had 3 girlfriends after he entered senior high school. All those girls were stolen by a popular guy called Natsuaki Yuu. One day, he caught his girlfriend with Natsu. Angry, he slapped the other guy before walking out. But that action only made Natsu more thrilled and interested in Mao?

AAAHHHHH I love Dramatic Maestro! Other than having my kind of story, it has funny characters and an overall comedic plot. One example of line in the manga from Kyou (school Prince):

Good morning, you two! Your hands have been connected early this morning. How homosexual!


And if anyone’s wondering why the title has a ‘Maestro’ in it, is that there is a group in school occupying the Board Chairman’s room. If you are a resident of that room, it means that you from a well-off family donating in the school so you have the privilege to stay there. Each member of the room is a “Maestro” or an expert on something.

Kyou: Entertainment Expert

Natsu: Love Expert

Hime: Cosplay Expert

Kouya: Health Expert

Shino-sensei: Gambling/Pleasure Expert

As for Mao… he’s a pretty average guy xD. Though the Dramatic Maestro is probably because of the title Kyou gave to him in the first few pages. Being a commoner suddenly included in a circle of the rich and famous sounds like Ouran isn’t it? Though this isn’t as innocent as our favorite hosts.  XD

While I do love the pairings, the strongest area of the story is, undeniably, the humor. There isn’t a single action or line that won’t make you cackle (yes, you don’t just laugh |D). Even the reviews on Amazon or Chill-chill say that this is humorous and it carries until the last volume.

Not a bad find while I was procrastinating, I say. 8D


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