Title: Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~
Platform: PS Vita

I played Code:Realize longer than I should have but I still don’t want to finish the game during my Lupin play through. I have no expectation when I started this and other than dating bishie Lupin. Though, I totally did not expect to play the otome version of Fullmetal Alchemist www. But hey, I’m not complaining.

If anything else, Code:Realize is an enjoyable game. It’s more of an adventure than otome, like 80:20 ratio (95:5 for Van hehe). But there’s a good balance between the two. A good plot with a mix of romance on the side is my cup of tea. The common story is long but I love how it gives chance to introduce the character, giving a glimpse of what to expect on their route. It also gives chance in building the trust and relationship of everyone. I love stories with good friendships and Code:Realize gives me just that. These guys are #squadgoals.

Speaking of characters, various popular figures from literature and history are in this game. It’s interesting to know the backstories of the side-characters. Their past explains why they act like that or the attitudes they have. I only did not expect a wide variety of characters from different stories/time. It’s a mix-and-mash of fiction and reality lmao. Unless you are nitpicky on things like that, it’s not something that ruins the experience. The biggest surprise though is Alester. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Though I probably should have, all things considered.

Let’s face it. Code:Realize has a beautiful artwork. I couldn’t help but gush over the CGs. The character designs are stunning and intricate. Though I find that glasses-like thingy on Saint’s arm a little creepy. They’re like eyes /shivers. Putting that aside, the backgrounds are as detailed as well. Couple that to a good bgm and you’re all set. I like the bgm during the last chapter in particular. It’s like dawn has finally arrived after a long night.

Voice-wise, Kaji as Finis is intense. Despite me not liking his character, he is able to convey fluctuations in Finis’ mental state as well as the frustration and desperation. Another fave is Hirarin. His soft voice once you’ve entered Saint’s route, tugs and breaks my heart. You can easily tell that his words and actions don’t really reflect what he truly feels.


Impey Barbicane


Impey Barbicane stole my heart! (lol okay see how many times will my heart be stolen in this game www) He seems like the comic relief and loser-ish guy in the game I thought I wouldn’t like. Turns out, it will be one of his charms to win me over! He spouts the lamest jokes and cheesiest lines that are face-palm inducing. No wonder, Cardia treats his words of love as jokes. u_u

What totally win me over is his optimism and passion for Science. He was shunned as a kid and his loved ones were killed in a war yet Impey doesn’t let this drag him down. He even said that instead of anger he feels the anguish that despite what Science can do to the advancement of mankind, human chooses to ignore/not use it to its fullest. I can’t help but love Impey at this point when he shows how much he loves Science and how hard he works in achieving his dreams.

I’m forever salty over his normal end because why call it a normal end when it is as sad as a bad end? T__T (though Dela-chan is hella cute there!) Why does he have no self-preservation? T_T

On thing that I find questionable though is his background. The revelation came out of left field. Well, it somehow explains his character design but other than that, nothing. The only reason it is revealed that I can think of is for Impey to have some sort of “weapon”. I mean, even Cardia noted how weak he is compared to other guys. Lupin has tricks up on his sleeves, Fran with his explosive test tubes, Van and his guns, and Saint… he’s a dubious guy alright. But good-natured Impey? None. At first, I thought why not have him make cannons (to shoot stuff, not a device to travel to the moon) or other contraptions. But after what he said about Science, he wouldn’t want to use his talents in hurting people. So Otomate bestowed him with such god-like strength lol. But they should have also expanded on it, rather than dropping a major revelation and glosses over it. 😐

Saint Germain

FEEEEELSSSSS. I drowned in the sea of feels. T_T


When he first appeared, my instinct tells me that he is someone Cardia should be wary about. Just look at his smile! Lupin introducing him as an Earl who owns lots of hotels didn’t reassure me that he is an ally. In fact, it made him even more dubious because he doesn’t have any merit in helping them. I’m mostly interested on his reasons behind his action but as a romantic interest? Nope. Besides, I’m still not over Impey and whenever Cardia chooses Saint (or in the omake) it makes Impey sad (but since it’s Impey he makes it look like an exaggerated joke but I feel a bit sad…) Poor babbu.

Okay, I digress. www

While doing his route, I bawled a couple of times. For Saint. It makes my chest hurt to see a smiling Saint in other routes when in truth, he’s suffering underneath it all. And there’s no salvation for him in routes other his and in Lupin’s. There’s this line where he said that he wears a smiling face as part of his job until he no longer knows his true expression at all. It hits so hard. It shows how much despair he’s having in a fate he can’t escape. The guy is undeniably selfless but at times, he is selfish when it comes to Cardia and I feel happy for him. He deserves all the happiness he could get. Although I was like ORLY, when he said that he loved Cardia at first. www

Saint made me love Hirarin more. I know that Hirarin’s voice acting is great but the impact is big on this route. He voiced Saint in his kind and noble-like voice. But once you enter the route, he drops this act and uses a soft, low voice. His voice betrays Saint’s actions. As the listener, it makes me feel all the suffering, confusion and frustration that Saint feels with just a tiny quiver in his voice.

In the end, I’ll never look at Saint the same way again.

Abrahan van Hellsing

At this point, I’m still not over Saint and Impey. Www


If Impey’s route was cute, Saint’s was heartbreaking, Van’s was violent. As expected of a human killing machine.

Since Van’s route is more of his backstory, the romance is pushed into the far corner. I’m just savoring a bit of it and then bam… the game ends. I want the FD right then and there! www It’s also sad how there’s no kiss CG or anything. I feel bad for him for getting the short end of the stick in terms of romance. Impey had a way to do it, Saint isn’t bothered and affected, Fran and his medicine, while Van has none of the leverage the others have and I feel like he should have had one as a reward or something for all the emotional and mental trainwreck he had to go through.

But the omake happened, leaving me extra thirsty for the FD. When Van isn’t killing enemies, he kills Cardia with his sexiness. I need more teasing Van! I feel like I’ve been cleansed of all the blood and violence in his route.

Just as I was thinking I’d remain neutral to Van, his Normal End rolls in and next minute, I’m bawling my eyes out. Van’s desperation and Cardia’s resolution hurts a lot. And a tiny bit of romance is all we get on this route.

Victor Frankenstein

Fran is such a moe blob. I thought his route would be a lot like that as well. Apparently not.


Fran huh? If you are going to ask me what I thought of him, it would be harmless and cute. He appears to be harmless most of the time so it never ceases to amaze me whenever he fights. While he doesn’t look like he’s a fighter, he can still knock down his enemies with his test tubes.

It’s a good thing that I played his route before Lupin’s (not like I have a choice xD) because Fran knows a lot about Cardia’s condition and even about Isaac. Another great thing is that I played Van’s route before so some things are also cleared up.

One of the unexpected things that happened is Leonhardt’s resolution and Victoria’s back story made me cry. Especially the Queen. She’s a little… uhm, extreme in this route. And while I liked her in the common route, I don’t agree with her methods here. Her backstory cleared things up but doesn’t justify things.

Boy, Fran is one lucky guy. And I feel even more bad for Van. I guess that’s one of the advantages of a scientist?

Arsene Lupin

LupinxCardia OTP! <3


Lupin’s route has all the best things: best route, best ends, best lines, and best pairing! I love him and his route for all of these!

Compared to other guys, Lupin has undeniable chemistry with Cardia right off the bat. Lupin’s self-confidence compliments Cardia’s uncertainties. He believes in her even if she can’t do that for herself. In every route, he is very proactive in helping her despite not being the “main guy”. Their character designs compliment each other too.

The best thing here is how everyone achieves their goals. It makes me sad in other routes where, okay so they are together, but the terrorist plan is still ongoing, Finis is out there, nobody gets to have the closure, not even Cardia’s poison is resolved. And let’s not talk about Saint… So unlocking Lupin ONLY after you’ve finished all the other routes makes sense.

I thought Impey has the cheesiest lines but Lupin has a fair share of it too. But it’s those cheesy lines that made me swoon over him. His confession even makes it to my top three favorite confession scene! (Trivia: Another one of my faves comes from another character voiced by Maeno www)

His ultimate ba—, I mean, ultimate Normal End (I’m convinced that Normal Ends = Bad ends lol) got me cry a river. It hurts so much to see them all together in just a picture like some good ol’ memory of the past. And it hurts, even more, when it’s Saint does the recalling. It already pains me when Cardia walked through London and recalling all their times together after so many years in another route. But this one is just painful. Just when Saint comes clean even… T_T

Cardia Beckford

I wouldn’t have enjoyed Code:Realize more if not for Cardia. You just can’t help but support her in her decisions! She goes from a lifeless doll to someone who decides for herself. With all the experts around her to teach her, I am not surprised to see her learn nifty tricks but to actually use it to save HERSELF and others… wow, you go girl! Being the only girl in the group, the guys’ treat her as their precious princess but Cardia doesn’t act like a damsel-in-distress. She is not just capable of defending herself but also in decision-making. What is most commendable about her is her will to save other people in exchange for her life, not because she wants to act as their saving grace, but rather because she understands the meaning of sacrifice too well.

Wrapping Up!

Code:Realize is A. MUST. PLAY. It is the kind of game that engrossed me from the beginning to the end. And now I’m eagerly waiting for the release of FD.


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