Thought I’d play something for PSP after MtO.

I’ve been intrigued by the story of Clock Zero. Not so long ago, I read some posts about this but thankfully I forgot most of the details already. xP This is one of the rare moments when I actually want to avoid spoilers by all means.

Played this for a few hours and true enough, it is interesting. I have many whats, hows, and whys that I can’t wait to be answered. Kaga-sensei is one of the mysteries I have to unravel during the course of the game lololol. What is his plan and why does he look so much like the adult!Takato. IF they are one and the same person, how can the kid and adult versions be at the same period? Hmm…

There is also the thing about Nadeshiko’s dreams. Why can Riitan see her? Or is it?

Gaaaaah I still have a lot of other questions which I think can only be answered once I’ve finished the game. But classes will start soon, ugh. Hope I can finish this before the year ends! /o/


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