Let the killings begin.

First, shameless plugging – PSN ID: derpyeu. 8)

Please introduce yourself though. 😀

After the events in the first Dangan Ronpa, I’m surprised that Kibougamine Academy is still there. But, oh well, we still don’t what really happened after that. So in Goodbye Despair, a new set of 16 Ultimates is introduced. The setting this time is in a tropical island under the guise of a school trip with their teacher Usami, a pink bunny.

Unlike Monokuma, Usami advocates getting along with each other and collecting hope fragments if they want to get away from the island. She insists to forget Kibougamine Academy and focus on getting along well. Hmm, positive remarks with ominous undertone. I’ve only finished the prologue and still halfway through the chapter 1 and based on the events I’m guessing that Usami/Monomi wants the Ultimates to forge an unbreakable bond to be the new hope of society. That’s why she wants them to forget the school along with all the bad events that happened there. Kind of like what the headmaster in DR1 did to Makoto and his friends.

The protagonist is named Hajime Hinata who lost his memory after waking up and doesn’t know what his Ultimate talent. Another guess, he’s the Ultimate Sleuth. I might be wrong though because why would they repeat the same skill unlike with the Utimate Lucky Student which happens yearly through a lottery. My favorite character so far  is Komaeda Nagito but my experiences in anime and manga taught me that seemingly innocent characters are the ones that you should be wary about. lol

Of course, DR won’t be complete without… Monokuma! He is still as ruthless as ever with the Monobeats on his toll. www

Anyway, I loooooooooove the graphics in Vita! I’ve read on blogs that Vita has good graphics but it’s even better in RL. Of course, I got a lightblue/white one. xD

P.S. I’ve seen the new game from D3P on PSN. The one with guys working in the Red District. I swear I go *O* when I see it. Ahaha. I’m thinking of buying that but… *looks at all the games I’ve started playing*.


2 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair”
  1. oh hey you’re playing danganronpa xD

    I haven’t got the chance to buy the game but I want to someday.
    anyway I might add you later, my PSN id is rissachi :3

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