After playing CZ, I feel like I need some light games to play. I haven’t played any school-themed games lately, so I thought I should try this one.

I never played any Honeybee games before unless you’ll count my short playthrough of Starry Sky. XD I also don’t know anything about this game other than the two games are divided to Undou-bu and Bunka-bu. |D So I don’t know what to expect in this one. ^^;;

As expected, I am surprised to know that there are two heroines in this game /o. The twins, Natsuko and Haruko have transferred to Tokiwa Gakuen. In Undou-bu, Natsuko is the MC. She is cheerful and athletic, almost a complete opposite of her twin. Actually, her bubbly personality kinda repels me. ^^;; I don’t know if I have some kind of genki-type allergy for female characters lol. A selective allergy, eh? XDD I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t ever hate her. I’d rather play as Haruko, though. Too bad, she’s playable in Bunka-bu only when most of the guys I’m eyeing are all in the Undou-bu. XD

Speaking of guys, the first ones you’ll meet are Tokitou Chikayuki and Tachibana Kou (the cuties above). Coincidentally, they are also the guys that I’m after! o/ Ah, but of course, I won’t play their routes first. XD

I’ve reading some posts of other players saying that this is a short game. Well, if it isn’t that perfect for me. Let’s see if I’ll actually enjoy this despite its length. 8D

Ooooh and Bunka-bu has been released, right? So excited for Satou Yahiro and Ashizawa Iori. 8DD

Note: I’ve written this some two weeks ago. I’ve made some progress in the game but still not finish with any of the route because I’m freaking bored to death. ; A ; More to that on my review…if I don’t totally cast this aside and play Jyuuzaengi instead (in which I’ve already started playing :P)


5 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Houkagou Colorful*Step ~Undou-bu!~”
  1. I really want to play this game =3
    Seems so nice and fun hehe
    Me too, I only played Starry Sky from Honeybee. My friend played Kamigami no Asobi and love it! Maybe it’ll be my next game =P
    Oh, two heroines =o
    I didn’t know that. I thought Norn9 was the only game that had more than one heroine hehe
    This is on my playing list ;D

    1. I thought so too. xD;;
      But apparently, since the clubs are the opposite of each other, might as well have different yet so similar heroines. 😀

  2. lol I heard from Amazon reviews that
    1. This game is boring as hell
    2. The system is terrible (forces you to hold down the skip button like old quin rose games)
    3. romance 1%, club crap 99%

    I decided to skip on this series because of that. I hope you post a review so I can see your final thoughts to see if this is indeed true lmao

    1. Yep, I’ll finish this one and not bother with Bunka-bu anymore lol. Those Amazon reviews are all true www. The heroine is also Mary Sue-ish. XDD

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