Try to resist that look |D

Now that I’m done dating highschool students, I shall have a date with kitty people~

There was a time when I told to myself that I wouldn’t be touching historical stuff like this because of kanji @_@. Thanks to Yume’s hypnotism, I gave in to temptation and started playing this. /o/

To tell you the truth, I don’t have any background with the story of the 3 kingdoms. Okay I know I’m  ignorant |D. So I don’t have much info about anything about them. /o

Chapter 1 sucks me in right off the bat. It is intriguing and Kan U is kickass; she literally kick asses. I love her already. *U* The pacing of the story is good. I just have a ~little~ problem with the names. There is many Chou this and Chou that or Kakou person wte lol. Good thing, there’s a furigana beside their names but god, I keep on forgetting who is who.

Other than Sou sou (<3).

And Ryuu bi.

God Ryuu bi.

He shouldn’t even be legal. Maji adorbs! www


10 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Jyuuzaengi~Engetsu Sangokuden”
  1. He’s really cute :3
    Me too D: I try to avoid historical games because of kanji
    I put Hakuouki on hold on because of that. Now that I’ll take it again to play
    This game seems pretty interesting. I want to try some day too ;D

    1. The level of kanji so far is not /that/ difficult. I mean, I can read it with my level of Japanese. xD;; And I’m reading route summaries to fill in the gaps. www

      1. I see =o
        Do you study Japanese on your own or you go to a language school?
        I’m studying Japanese for 4 years. Well, now if I take Hakuouki again I’ll be able to play XD I hope hahahaha

        1. Self-study. I’m barely N5 though. XDD
          Ooh that’s nice! Then you might be able to play Hakuoki and this Jyuuza now. 😀 You can do it! o/

          1. Ahh, cool!! =D
            I study at Kumon, but I also self-study hehe
            Ganbatte ne!! ^-^/
            I hope so =D


    I'm so glad that you're enjoying this…!! Eheheh even if I had to hypnotise you /bricked

    1. OMG Did Ishida really voice him??? Because OMG. Ahahaha /squishesRyuubi

      Ahahaha. I’m glad you hypnotized me. |D

  3. I totally feel you on the names there! ww But you’ll get used to them as you progress further into the game. It’s a fun game overall (which reminds me I have to get my ass up to finish this as well orz), but prepare to spend approximately 9 hours on a route! Hope you enjoy it! (⌒▽⌒)

    1. It is quite overwhelming for first time players like me. XDD I heard that this is long b-but 9hrs?! www Thanks for the heads up though! ;D

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