itadakimasu gochisousama

I will be lying if I say that I did not pick Itadakimasu, Gochisousama up because of the cover. It reminds me of Free!’s Tachibana Makoto for some reason. Not to mention those sparkly eyes and background are cute. Haru, the one on the cover, smiles with his whole being. He radiates happiness, and I am taken in. My subconscious tells me that if he’s enjoying whatever he is eating, then I might enjoy whatever I am going to read as well.

As it turns out, my instinct’s right.

Love at first sight and slow burn

These two don’t always go along. Love at first sight is usually followed by a whirlwind romance. On the other hand, slow burn takes the time for the love to unfold. In this book, there is an apparent attraction between Hiroto and Haru. They even thought of each other as angels – which I find cute because OMG are you, like, high schoolers? www

When Haru confesses, I am pretty sure things will escalate quickly. That’s the trend, right? Confession scene then next minute humping scene lol (I’m playing too much Miracle Noton lol). But Hiroto breaks Haru’s heart as well as mine with his answer. Throughout the book, the two works out their feelings for each other. Proving that the attraction is not just a spur of the moment kind of thing but something that lasts for a long time.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

With the title Itadakimasu, Gochisousama, I thought the manga will be full of delectable, hard-to-pronounce recipes. But Hiroto’s homemade food is far from a sophisticated menu. The food is nothing out of the ordinary. It is the kind that hits the spot in not only the gut but also in the heart.

More than the food, it is much more enjoyable to watch Hiroto grow in both love and life. His food reflects his feelings more than any of his words or actions. After all, his cooking career started when he cooked for his ex-boyfriend.


And more than anything else, though, I enjoy watching Haru eat. Because how can you not when he’s being seductive while eating as if he is eating something else /bricked.

Mischievous friends

Nothing would have happened in their romance if not for the help of the other residents of the house, Kota and Riku. Hiroto’s love and heartbreak lie on the shoulders of these two. They are the type of friends who care for their friend in their own special way, like pulling pranks and teasing them. They are fun to be around, and I love how they nudge Hiroto and Haru to the right directions when things go awry.


Their backstory is briefly touched in this book. The atmosphere is a bit thick in contrast to the overall feel of the manga or their naughty personalities. But their story gives a deeper dimension on their characters that goes beyond being a happy-go-lucky type of friends.

Itadakimasu, Gochisousama fills me with just the right amount of sweetness and drama. It is an enjoyable read, and you might find yourself looking like Haru on the cover when you finish reading this.


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