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Kenka Banchou Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~ (PS Vita)

Spike Chunsoft

Hooray for the fan disk of one of my favorite games!

The gameplay is divided into two: the after-stories of each romance ends and the Ultimate Fighting Gasshuku.

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Ultimate Fighting Natsu Gasshuku (UFN)

I played this first, where everyone still knows that Hinako is Hikaru. Hinako is scouted to be a member of Sepak Takraw because they lack members but Hinako being Hinako, asks everyone to join the summer training (even her senpai lmao). It surprising that they used Sepak Takraw because I didn’t know that Japanese knows it since I mostly see it in Southeast Asian countries.

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Anyway, I laughed a lot playing this because the Shishiku guys are all massive dorks. The scenarios may seem random, but they are all tons of fun. Like there’s a scene where everyone acts like a drunken kung-fu master while listening to some kung-fu songs. www It’s just about everyone having a good time and talking about trivial things.

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Depending on whom you spend time the most, you get a special scene with these characters. Those are mostly bromances – just affirmations of their friendships and whatnot. My favorite would be the scene with Hikaru and Sakaguchi. The entire UFN, Hikaru throws a fit, being the annoying brat that he is (which is a bit of a step back from Hoou’s route in the main game given how reliable he was). But at the same time, I feel bad for Hikaru especially when Hinako spends and enjoys a lot of time with the others while her brother is left out. So their bonding sure is really cute. Hikaru acts as if he’s the little sister though www.

There’s just one thing that annoyed me and made me stay away from the game for a while – the trophy. I know, you’re thinking ‘you have shitty luck with them, huh’. I know, right? www You see, I thought when I finally completed the UFN, and by that, I mean, I fought everybody else, seen all the endings, etc., I would get the trophy naturally.

But that didn’t happen.

So I reloaded my saves and did the whole thing again. But still, no trophy. I tried restarting the game, and it surprised me to find out that some of the choices are not highlighted. LOL, I don’t know how to best explain this. Basta, it looked like I haven’t picked that option at all, so I seem to have some unseen events even if I already did. I tried variations of saves and loads and still didn’t get the trophy.

Eventually, I got tired trying to get that friggin trophy. Because OMG the game’s system really tested my patience! The loading time is slower than a snail. Worst, it takes about a minute and a half to load! (I counted lol.) Moving from one scene to the other takes 30 seconds. It’s the same with the skip and moving back in the dialogue. Everything is freakishly slow, even opening the game. I don’t remember having this problem in the first game.

In the end, the trophy comes up after I finished the entire game. So I guess, it is set up that way? It’s hard to tell. Still weird if you ask me because you usually get the trophy once you meet the requirements for getting it right?

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Each route expands the romance end from the first game. For example, in Totomaru’s route, since Hinako revealed the switch, she and Hikaru returned to where they should be bringing a whole lot of problems like how to be feminine and talk about girly things with her girlfriends when all she ever wanted is to train. Plus the fact that Totomaru’s dad sets a condition for him to study more and all that.

In every route, there are problems that the couple have to face. Which means there are lesser lovey-dovey moments because the majority of the scenes are spent dealing with the issue. And even if there are raburabu moments, the lack of CGs is disappointing. That’s the time for fanservice stuff, and yet we have to settle for very few ones. And that’s very disappointing since there are lots of good scenes where I’d really love to see them in CG. It’s such a shame that I didn’t see much raburabu CGs with Mirako www. /shakes head

Another thing is, and this is my main concern, how the guys treat Hinako once they become a couple. They go “ZOMG you’re a girl! I must protect you!” And I’m like, “Guys, helllooo. She beats all of you!”

Okay, I know they must mean that since they are a couple now, they must protect her being her guy and all. But it comes out as if they are discrediting her strength and she has to play the role of the cute and feminine girlfriend. Honestly, it’s hard to watch Hinako trying to fit in the mold everyone expects her to be. She is at her best when she is the kind, strong, and cool Hikaru.

My favorite part is also the most painful route since the first game – Kira’s. So first, Kira’s route made me weep in the first game. His route here is no better. He spends 70% of his route being emo and only ever cares about Hinako.

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But wait there’s more! As if Kira’s gloominess is not enough, Nozomi gets affected as well. It’s all because of Kira, really. But poor Nozomi has to suffer a lot – Kira neglects him, and the entire Shishiku student body is onto him, all for different reasons. And he has to face all of it alone.

This route’s despair doesn’t end there, though. Kira is obsessed with being the sole protector of Hinako. He sees her as someone who needs defending when she can defend herself now that she’s grown up. And then, this scene happens.

This is one of the best scenes where the old Hinako is back kicking ass. It feels so good to see her stand up for herself.

Meanwhile, the other best scene is on Hoou’s route, because just like everybody else, he wants Hinako to be a good girl, while he does all the fighting. She’s like, “Nope. I’ll fight with you since I’m your wife,” you go girl!

Kenka Banchou Otome will forever be one of my faves, even if the system is almost a deal breaker www. Sucks that there’s no Sakaguchi or Nozomi route. But I had tons of fun playing the UFN!



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