ai wa sekai wo sukuu no ka

Ai wa sekai wo sukuu no ka!? Or can love save the world?

Can it, really? Let’s answer that in a bit.

The female population is reduced to only one-tenth of the population and is now under the protection of the government. The male population is divided into two: the ones who cannot produce a female child and the people who can. Niino is the former. Being a scientist, he devotes his life to finding a solution to a world problem.

One of the elites, Mikoshiba, moved in Niino’s apartment. He proposes that to test their experiment, they should test it by, guess what? Sex!

…I don’t know about you, but I think the female population will decline more because of them. www


It is a fun and hot read. Tennouji Mio draws really hot and smexy scenes well. Even the uke has a manly build with cute expressions. And gosh, Mikoshiba (▰˘◡˘▰). I’m weak for light-haired, prince types but give them the gentle yet aggressive on bed personality, and I’m so dead.

I love the chase. I really do. But when you take away all the sexual tension, you’ll be left with nothing but a story that barely hangs together. It is like a house with a weak foundation. The science part is not the strongest suit and is more of a plot device than a plot itself. While it is good that it won’t make our heads hurt from all of the medical shizz, it is not explained well either. It is like giving an overview of things and just leave it at that.

Mikoshiba mentioned that life in the lower district is much simpler and pure unlike in the elite area. I can only imagine what happened in that place. There are a lot of rooms for the story to explore, but nope, they stopped at the gate. I’m also interested in Mikoshiba’s life thus far. Does he really like Niino? If he is to return to the elite district, what will happen to them? What does he really want to do with the guy? Or is he just leading his poor senpai?

I feel so frustrated because nothing is resolved in the end. Not the virus or progress in the relationship. The title is roughly translated as “Can love save the world?” but it begs the question, do they really love each other or do they only love the chase and all the sexual pleasure that comes with it? While it is apparent that Mikoshiba has a crush on Niino, Niino just says that he didn’t like the other’s touch (which is oh-so-popular in BL). Is that love? Because in my eyes, I see them as glorified fuck buddies.

I loved to see this continued. Smex is good already so now we need more plot. I don’t want the beautiful artwork to go to waste. There is a spin-off called Hatsujou Virus but seeing that it is a different couple, I wonder if we can get a glimpse of Mikoshiba and Niino there?


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10 thoughts on “[Manga] Ai wa Sekai wo Sukuu no ka!? (愛は世界を救うのか!?)”
  1. Aaah, I love her artwork, yes! It I’d a pity her stories just don’t hold up ;/
    Thankfully we have a bunch of other artists that have goof art, good smex and do deliver on story, and others that deliver on the smex 99% , bless them all 🙏🙏🙏

      1. You mean favorite mangaka? GUURL. I have ones just for the pure smutt/porn power, others for the feels that make me cry, others because they do both good, and so on. Rip me.
        I love Watanabe Asia for her porn and art, don’t expect story tho hah.
        Love Sumomo Yumeka for her feelings,,stories and pretty art, tho she only does shounen-ai.
        Love Nekota yonezou and Ootsuki Miu for their artwork, good porn and really cute stories, super approved!
        What’s the name of the mangaka of Crimson Spell? Good porn and good stories, win win ohohoho.
        Love the artist of Rozen Maiden, super good porn, story is not all that much, but that art 👌👌👌
        I think I’ll stop by here, before I go down the more eclectic ones :’D

          1. Yes her! I never remember her name, don’t know why 😹
            WHAT, YOU HAVEN’T?
            She does shoujo and josei titles too, under other names. For example, she did the adaptation of Hoshi no Koe, it’s really good!
            If you wanna try her out then start with Same Cell Organism and The Day I Become a Butterfly. Very ethereal, beautiful and heartfelt stories, tho some tend to be darker/more depressing because she broaches death and other themes and subjects. Very well done, and the romance is just so soft agh. I do wish she had a series instead of just oneshots /gross tears

          2. Took me a while to remember it too. The name’s like a tongue twister. XD
            Oooh those sounds nice! For some reason the name Sumomo reminds me of a mangaka who does shotacon… /hides

          3. I’ve read her mangas for years and still can’t, tongue and mind twister 😭
            Curious what you’ll think of them when you read them!
            OhohoHOHOHOH, yeeeees!!!!! /is a total sinner
            Shotacon done good is so good 👌👌👌🙏
            This reminds me Harada has a manga called Sumomo, i think, which is porny tho i don’t think it’s shota, tho she does have a shotacon one that I’m so so shook by 👀👀👀👀

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