I say anything Nangoku Banana but it’s more like anything BL from Nangoku lol.

Nangoku Banana spreads her beautiful art in almost any genre. There’s downright yaoi to a much tamer shounen-ai and even yuri. If you’re not into homo stories then she’s got josei ones, or even horror if you’re into that. I’m not sure I’m ready to read horror stories yet, and her josei stories seem to have a touch of creepiness as well so I’ll be staying in my comfort zone. For now. Not sure how long I will be able to stay away from her art. lol

Recently, I came across a one-shot which I remember reading from years ago, back when I was still discovering BL and reading everything that comes my way. Even before, I was lured by Nangoku’s art (I am always easily lured by beautiful art www). Who wouldn’t it when a plant suddenly turned like this:

This guy is the flower fairy from Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko (はらぺこみつばちんこ). A penniless guy finds a flower and takes care of it. One day, he gets really hungry but he’s so poor that he can’t afford to eat. To his surprise, the flower he got smells good and he can’t stop himself from licking the stamen. Then, poof! It becomes a dong belonging to that guy above lmao. This is a ridiculous and a ridiculously hot one-shot I’ll never get tired reading. (*´Д`)ハァハァ

Nangoku released a collection of one-shots called Canvas ni Kuchizuke o (キャンバスにくちづけを). I have only read two stories from it. One of the stories is Goshujin-sama to Yobanaide.

Midori is always groped by perverts being mistaken as a girl. Fujita saves him, mistaking Midori as a girl too. From then on, Fujita acts as if he’s Midori’s butler and serves him to the point of relieving his master. This is an enjoyable read mostly because the seme is timid and caring even if he is the alpha male type of seme. Their roles in bed though is the reverse of their personalities. www

Another one-shot included in the book is Kitsune no Yome. I don’t like it as much as I liked the two above. The story is very predictable like how could anyone be so dense and not notice the “fox”? It’s dub-con too so I’m ಠ_ಠ the whole time. This is the kind of story where the friend is the attacker who ignores his best friend after what happened because he’s a jerk like that.

My interest to Nangoku is waning after Kitsune but another PWP one-shot saves the day. o/ Momoiro Salesman is about a guy who gets to try sex toys from a sex toy salesman personally. He is also able to try the salesman’s very own product.

I liked how the uke answered when asked if the saleman’s product is good. His reply is, “It’s not. Because if you could only use a product once, isn’t it defective?” lmao. I swear Nangoku Banana’s ukes are one of a kind. They are all proactive bottoms to their rather indulgent semes (yes even in the Kitsune story). Also, have you noticed the pattern? All ukes are light-haired while the semes all have darker hair colors. Not really my favorite type of pairing because, you know, I’m big on light-haired semes, but the ukes make up for it by making a hot makeout scene.

Milkman is (sadly) a shounen ai that has a lot of homo jokes and fanservice. It is about, well, a man who delivers milk to an apartment building and someone who has a magnet for bad luck lol. The apartment has quirky residents including an AV actor who spreads his pheromones like a virus XD.

While most of the stories I’ve read from Nangoku Banana are PWP, I still enjoy them a lot. I hope she’ll release more BL in the future!


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