These slow and sweet stories will be the end of me. <- I say this for the nth time.

That I-want-to-go-home face of Narasaki lol.

In Blue Sky Complex, Narasaki wants to find a quiet place to read. Out of the blue, his teacher asks him to man the library for a day. Except there is already a guy in the reception area. This guy, Terashima, is known for being a delinquent in their school. He and Narasaki are both on the different side of the spectrum so it is a pleasant surprise for both of them when the first day passes quietly as Narasaki hoped.

This is just beautiful ugh.

This kind of meeting continues and their friendship grows that even when they don’t have library duties anymore, the two remain friends. It’s cute seeing them getting awkward and struggle with their feelings because come on, that is the charm point of every Ichikawa Kei manga. For Terashima, Narasaki is someone whom he can relax with, someone who doesn’t try to push him around, or invade his private space because despite his rough appearance he’s still a kid with a softie heart. Terashima wants to find a place where he belongs and Narasaki provides him exactly just that.

While I initially liked Narasaki, I liked Terashima more in the end. It feels like Narasaki is too distant and cold sometimes that I actually have to wonder if he really likes Terashima. But hands down to the two of them for their smooth moves. lol

There isn’t an overarching angst, maybe a bit of miscommunication, but every piece is placed neatly together. There isn’t really a part of this that I don’t like. The art is simple with light everything. I appreciate that it is uncluttered as it adds to the refreshing feel of the story.


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