Being the only people in the train everyday, Kiyo is already familiar with Ino even though they never talk and doesn’t even know each other’s name. One day, Ino wakes up Kiyo as the latter misses his stop. Learning that they have a lot in common, the two quickly become friends.

True to its name, Slow Starter starts off slowly. Not slow in a sense that it will make you frustrated but in a steady pace where the building of their relationship and feelings goes. It is shounen ai so no steamy stuff though the extra chapter goes beyond that line. It’s just sweet and fluffy and flowers and sparkles everywhere. lol

Recently, I’m into this type of story. That fluffy, fuzzy feeling that makes you smile because of their adorableness.www

While we don’t get to know who does who, I’m still happy seeing them get flustered with each other. I just love them. Period.


4 thoughts on “[Manga] Slow Starter”
  1. Yeeeess this is super awkward and cute!! (My favourite combination haha) I love her ongoing series too, Blue Sky Complex. :3

    1. I’m becoming a sucker for those too! (If you have any recoms, please I need them wwww) I’ve sneak a peek at Blue Sky Complex and ALKDFJLASKD. Ahaha. <3

      1. Yes the couple in BSC is so asldkajsda too <3 Ahaha I can't think of any titles at the moment but when I do I'll tell you (on twitter)! :3

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