Complex Love is one of the stories in Ore no mono ni nareba ii tankoubon. :))

Cute! <3

The main guy, Tomoki, enters a male beauty pageant in their school. His reason is to prove his ‘manliness’ because he is often teased as ‘cute’ for having a pretty face. But how could he win when one of the contestants is the so-called ‘Prince’ Shiratori? To make it more complicated, said prince asks Tomoki to go out with him once Shiratori wins the pageant?

These two are hot! Even hotter together! (* ̄∇ ̄*)Shiratori is the perfect prince yet he is such a klutz and unassuming. He is like an innocent kid that can’t be left alone. Shiratori is the harmless seme BUT looks can fool you. The guy can pull some deadly lines with a straight face. (〃∇〃) He can be very cunning if he wants too.

On the other hand, Tomoki is a bishie with a complex due to his pretty features. More often than not, his friend teases him to just wear a girl’s clothes to win the pageant. He is quite the stubborn type.

Ahhhh love this! It just feels complete with almost everything. The sudden change of the usual poker-faced Shiratori to a jealous Shiratori is complete win! o/ I love them gaps ( ´艸`).


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