I’ve always been looking for a story where the main girl likes a guy who harbors an unrequited love to another girl. So when I read the plot of this manga, I feel like I am destined to read this!/o/ wwww

Everyone looks up to Nanase Sakashita. She is pretty and the honor-type of student. In their class, they had a troublesome classmate called Hana-kun. One day, Nanase happens to pick up a present dropped by Hana-kun. When she tried to return it to him, he said that that she could keep it instead since it’s too late now. Could this be a present for his special someone?

I love that awkward feel and well, unrequited feelings have always been my weakness. But their love is still fragile, as if it will snap anytime. Seems like there’s still a lot to go for this couple.

The unrequited love is played nicely. Not overly dramatic or super emo. Nanase isn’t even pushy or even stupidly in love which is total plus point for me.

It’s also nice to see Nanase wearing a different kind of hairstyle everyday. Though it kind of reminds me of Nanami from Bokura ga Ita (ugh, I still can’t like this series =.=).


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