Gahd I’m crying…literally.

Recently, the name ‘Takarai Rihito’ has been plaguing my mind. I figured out that it is probably because I haven’t finished her Hana series yet.

I read…and cried so hard. T____T

I’ve loved Takarai because of her heart-wrenching yet heart-warming stories. The kind of BL stories where you follow it not because of smex but because you know that the characters know the difference of love and lust.

But wow, Hana no Miyako de is something. I thought I wouldn’t like it at first (not that it is my fave or anything), not even evoke so much emotion from me. Gosh it did, and I couldn’t stop tearing up because of this.

The story reminded me of what Yuichi (OTRFK) said about getting something you have already given up. It is a love lost and found and lost it again for eternity. I was happy when Akira finally confessed his feelings for Motoharu. But then he killed all that happiness I previously felt when he said something about his status. The lovebirds secluded themselves for four days to create a memory that would last for a lifetime. OMGGGGG what is four days compared to years??? The feeling is so bittersweet that they have to cherish every moment together.

Somehow, I was silently praying that a miracle will happen and make it at least a happy end for them. Like, the wife will die early (okay sorry that was mean ><;;) and the two can continue their love story. But isn’t that what usually happens in real life? Life often gets in the way or circumstances won’t let you keep what you always wanted.

What brought me to an uncontrollable gross sobbing was when Sensei connected the story of Miyako and Mizo. THAT SURPRISED ME! Seeing the grandchild of your true love…. TT_______TT

haaa i’m such a doM for Takarai Rihito


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