Yoshinaga Yuu is my new found love.

Youthful love~ so fresh and innocent. The sweetness of first love and the bitterness of first heartbreak, or worse, unrequited love. ( つ Д `)All of these feels are delivered well by Yoshinaga Yuu.

Hatsukoi Hakusho is a compilation of one shots about first loves. Beware of so much feels. You’ll probably need a pillow to hug and a couple of tissues (lels I cried at chapter 2 xD).

Chapter 1, in which, the couple in the cover are in, is about the class rep and the class delinquent. Two years have passed since graduation and now they are high school students. Before they graduated, the guy wrote in class rep’s yearbook. He says, “I used to like you.”. What will happen when they meet again?

Three friends are featured in chapter 2. Girl A likes Guy who likes their friend Rina (funny how I remember the friend’s name but not the main couple >_<;;) who has a boyfriend from another school. Said boyfriend is a childhood friend of Rina and the guy. Unrequited love of Girl A ensues.

Ugh. First and unrequited loves are deadly combination. My glass heart won’t be able to take it 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。. I have to pause and calm myself or I’ll explode with feels. It’s only ch2 but my feels meter is ready to burst. www

Moving on to chapter 3, girl detests the school prince who is a year younger than her. During middle school, while the girl is lying in the infirmary, the guy steals her first kiss.

I’ve always been on the lookout for older girl x younger guy pairing and this one hits the nail on the head. I loved how catty the girl is and the two make a good pair.

Last chapter is about a guy friend whom the girl does not notice until a few months before they graduate.

This might be my least fave but it is cute. Just not my type of story. Though I liked how things work out in the end.

There is an extra chapter showing the first couple and a bit of their past.

All stories give you a warm and fuzzy feeling after reading them. The art is pretty generic but it is the type that will grow on you as you read. I’ve searched for other Yoshinaga Yuu and they all look interesting! Will be adding them to my to-read list. 😀


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