The spin-off of Warui Koto series which features the Student Council Vice President Yukimura Shuuji and the other delinquent Shinonome Ryuuichi. The entire school knows Yuki as the “demon” of the council so most students are afraid of him. However, there is only one person who isn’t afraid of him; even fondly calling him as “Yuki-chan”. This is no other than his nemesis, Shinonome. But Yuki has a dark past he wouldn’t want to be discovered. Unfortunately for him, Shinonome knows this and uses this to his advantage. Will Yuki succumb to this delinquent’s charm?

I’ve mentioned that I love this more than the first two stories. I’m a sucker for opposite attracts and these two are the epitome of it! I get the feeling of push and pull between Yuki and Shinonome which makes the emotional tension within the characters.

It’s refreshing to see a level-headed, tsundere uke like Yuki. He may act like a bastard at school but he truly cared for what is important to him. Throughout the story, we’ll see his progression as a character. His monologues showed how much he changed because of Shinonome. Of course, that’s a change for the better.

Shinonome surprised me this time. We see him with Towa in the first books and he’s like the laid-back type of guy. Well, not that he changed or what. But there’s more than meets the eye to this guy. If you think Mikado is a sadist, wait until you meet Shinonome.

The blackmailing part usually makes me rolls my eyes but not in this one! It just serves as a way to get them together and not to pressure Yuki, even if it is the initial plan. It’s more like, Shinonome is going along with Yuki’s pace. They are complementing each other’s characters, it’s so nice to see Yuki falling for his junior.

THIS! This is a must-read! I swear you’re missing half of your life if you don’t. If you can’t get enough of the story, this story has 2 sequels. So don’t miss those too!


2 thoughts on “[Manga] Kirai Ja nai Kedo (嫌いじゃないけど)”
  1. I usually hate tsunderes, but Yuki is an exception xD And yes I agree, you can see his character develop throughout the series 🙂 And he looks so cool as a delinquent xD Shinonome’s teasing is just as fun to read haha!

    I like how you mentioned “opposites attract” which is something I also agree on! Characters with conflicting personalities to develop a relationship is so beautiful (´∀`). It’s something that always appeals to me when it comes to manga.

    The sequels are just as good! I look forward to your reviews (if you ever do!).

    1. Shinonome’s teasing is just hnnnnggg.. haha! The more Yuki repels, the more Shinonome comes back after him. They’re just so cute!! <333
      Oh yes! Opposites attract are just so attractive. No matter how much they argue, at the end of the day they're still together (´∀`).
      Oh I will…I'm just a little lazy right now. ^^;;; I'll continue my Warui series marathon! Thank you! ^_^

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