Mitsu is living in a boarding house after he enters college. The next morning, he wakes up beside an unknown man and a throbbing butt…

…obviously with that kind of summary, it makes me want to read it ASAP. 8D

The setting strongly reminds me of Recipe no Oujisama in terms of living with bishounen housemates. Each person in the house is eccentric and they all seem mysterious to Mitsu. The strangest of them all is none other than the guy who wakes up beside him, the novelist Tsuburaya. He is clumsy and an air-head. Somehow, Mitsu ends up taking care of him and they have a good relationship with each other. There is no hint of romance in the first few chapters yet and this makes me want to read more of it. And there is still the question from the first chapter: what happened to Mitsu’s butt?

I mentioned that the summary piqued my interest but I actually don’t have any expectations about the plot. Much more when I found out that it is quite like Recipe in which I love so much lol. What really pulled me in is the course of Mitsu in the university. He is taking up Pharmacy and wants to go to the research path. He is kinda like me wwww. I’m not really familiar about the pharmaceutical field in Japan so I’m just glad to know about it through this XD.

Mitsu and I have almost the same personality too… |D

I’ll definitely buy this book later (after I finish the mountain of books that I previously bought www). Hopefully, this won’t let me down. 😀


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2 thoughts on “[Manga] Link – Boku to Kimi no Aida”
  1. I didn’t read this manga but I plan to =3
    Seems nice!!
    I buy a lot of books too XD my mom freaks out hahahaha

    1. It’s pretty good so far! 😀
      Ahahaha my mother has the same reaction. Like, “are you trying to build a library or what?!” LOL

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