love celeb

Warning: This is a smutty story.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the very first smut manga that I’ve read. I, at that time, still do not know what smut is nor have been introduced to the other works of Shinjo Mayu like Kaikan Phrase. I thought that this is so vulgar and that I would be wasting a lot of time reading this. What surprised me more is that it definitely has a story.

So this is not the oh-so-great manga just in case you’re looking for it. It will surely progress. At least, bit by bit. The circumstances the characters are going through aren’t something unique. Actually, it may sometimes be exaggerated. The comedic scenes and touching moments of the couple got me to love the story.

What made me like this more are the characters. I know many of you may find Kirara as a useless and weak heroine. I also see her as like that. It does not end there. Kirara, despite being weak (and guys seeing her naked) is strong deep within and knows how to stand on her decisions. The story wouldn’t progress if she is not like that. Same with Gin who at first was a wolf then turned to a gentleman.

The art is the usual style of Shinjo Mayu. If you still haven’t read any of her works, also try reading her previous works such as Kaikan Phrase and Love Strip and you’ll see the common themes.


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4 thoughts on “[Manga] Love Celeb (ラブセレブ)”
  1. This is the one you were saying the other day right? ^^
    I like the guy on the manga cover! *bishie alert!* XDD Is he GIn?? Kyaaa~ He kinda reminds me of Zero..must be because of his facial expression.. haha, it’s so Zero-like! XDD
    Will definitely put this on my (long..super long…^^;) manga list! thankies! XDD

    1. Hmm, I’m not sure. My memory gap strikes again..^^”
      I think, it was Venus Capriccio or did I tell you another manga title?
      Btw, Gin is really a bishie. Just be careful, this is smutty. ^^

      1. hahaha.. I can’t really remember! but I think it was this one, ‘coz you were saying that it was somewhat related to Skip Beat.. XDD

        do you have a Venus Capricio post here?? ayakashi-san recommended it to me yesterday, too.. ^^.. will search here anyway.. hehe.. XDD

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