midnight secretary

There are lots of vampire stories in the manga world. One example would be Midnight Secretary. Compared to other popular vampire stories, it is more inclined to reality as it deals with the conflicts and relationship between humans and vampires. No magical stuff. No showing off of powers. No fight scenes. Just the struggle of a couple to defy the norm.

Kaya works as a secretary for her arrogant and womanizer boss, Kyohei. Though she looks plain and ordinary, she is really capable and devoted to her job. However, she noticed that women coming out of her boss office look pale. So she came back one night to see her boss’ doings. What surprised her is that her boss is currently taking his “meal”. That is, sucking the blood of his woman.

This is my second josei manga (the first one is Made in Heaven) and unlike my first, the story really got me. The story progressed well enough. The ending felt a bit rushed but it’s okay. The character’s reactions. are justifiable. No one went overboard. The lead girl is smart and workaholic although there are instances when I see some of her actions quite stupid. I don’t like the main guy at first. he is too possessive and bossy. Well, that’s explainable since he is known for his vampire pride.

Another thing that makes this different from the others is because this is reallyyyy smutty. If I’m not mistaken, there hadn’t been a single chapter without any smut on it. it is a bit understandable since the characters are mature enough to do it.

The drawing is not exceptional but at least messy. The tone implies the dark side or the secret of Kyouhei.

So there. if you are a fan of vampire stories and smut, you’ll surely like this. If you’re only after vampires and vice versa, then you might like to try this.


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