That went down fast.

That being this manga’s story. D8

Honjou Naru is a narcissist. He tries to hide it but the person he hates the most discovers his secret. It is only a chance encounter with Takashina Mamoru, the coolest guy in school, but enough to turn his life around.

It starts really funny. Naru’s narcissism is a running gag in the first part so I thought it is going to be a light story. Midway, Naru’s condition becomes a case of DID which does not fit the mood at all. Like I miss a transition in the story or something. Besides, at first, the narcissism is just like a bad habit which later turned into split personality. Mind you, Naru even said that he doesn’t have DID yet 3 chapters later we have an ore-sama version of Naru.

The story is not really bad, but not really good either. You see, in an attempt to have a problem, Nekono Mariko introduces stuff about the characters prematurely. There is not enough build up. Some parts are added in random. Heck, I even find myself going “where the hell did this come from!?”. Also, the romance falls short after the introduction of DID. It is supposedly sweet but at this point I already don’t know where the story is heading.

Naru is the usual uke — cute, dumb, and oblivious. I want to weep for Takashina being cockblocked by no other than Naru himself lol. As a seme, Takashina is similar to Ryouma (Love Stage!). Attentive to Naru, contented being a friend, and will do anything for this narcissist.

As for the art, we~ll, it’s nice but not consistent. Takashina looks good but some close ups do not do him justice as if he’s a different guy or something. lol


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