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| Seitokai Yakuin Toshite Mondaiji wo Kousei Saseteitara Nazeka Love Comedy ni Natteita Ken

Story and Art: Hashimoto Mitsu (ハシモト ミツ)

Translation: Amimaru Translation and Localization Services LTD

Status: Completed

Available at futekiya (EN), Rakuten (JP) (both digital)

What it is (summary from futekiya)

Hananomiya’s student council president Taisei Mizuki has his hands full with rehabilitating Sosuke Hakaze, the school’s number one problem child. As Hakaze’s acts grow worse, Mizuki can’t take it and blurts out, “how can we get you back to how you were before!?” In response, Hakaze says he’ll show Mizuki how…by kissing him (!) and even jerking him off (!!) Can Mizuki, pure in both mind and body, even stand a chance of enduring the naughty chain of “rehabilitation activities” they’ve just started?

Futekiya subscription was free for the entire month of May so I decided to try their service. I picked up Seitokai randomly because it seemed light and fun, and basing on futekiya’s smutty level, it is indeed smutty.

Mizuki is the popular student-council president who fears that no one likes him. But there’s one problem, and that is Hakase, the school delinquent. In order for him to be reformed, Mizuki has to do his bidding.

There are dub-con moments, though, I’m glad that the story doesn’t veer off to blackmailing. It remains light and comedic all throughout. What’s funny is how there’s a misunderstanding between Mizuki and the rest of the student body where the students think that Mizuki is untouchable. Meanwhile, the president worries that he is being hated. Both of their reactions are really hilarious!

Second pairing

There’s another pairing which involves the vice-president and Hakase’s friend. If the first pairing oozes with pure and (not-so) innocent love story and smut, the second couple is wild. I ended up loving them more as they are a lot more entertaining to read. Both characters want sex and not ashamed to ask for it.

What didn’t work (¯ . ¯٥)

This is an easy read with good art, funny scenes, and loads of sex. I had fun reading this. But, because the book gives too much screen time with the smut, there’s not enough character development when you have to cram everything within 5 to 6 chapters.

Also, I find it jarring how it feels like there’s a narrator telling the story. The narration seems like getting a report from an outsider than immersing yourself to the character’s internal monologue and their own description of what is happening to them.

This is for people looking for… (✯◡✯)

☑️ High school romance

☑️ Loads of smut

☑️ Delinquent x Honor Student

☑️ Comedy

Image from futekiya’s website


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