I don’t know how much more Tokyo Ghoul I can take. D8

In Tokyo Ghoul, here are lots of characters, humans and ghouls. I’m not very keen on remembering the ones that barely appear at first because they could die or something later on. But some characters whom I paid no special attention with re-appeared and now with a more special role. Sometimes it is confusing me when a new name pops out only to find out that it is introduced in the first few chapters. lol

Each side is fighting for what they think is right. Both side are completely missing the point too. If they could just sit down and talk things… not gonna happen, right? 8D

There are times when I think that I am one step towards the truth, then more things will pop out which results to more questions. Reminds me of the time when I am reading SNK, when there are more questions than answers. www

I feel like if I continue reading Tokyo Ghoul, my heart that I’ve been trying so hard to keep together will be pierced into pieces. wwwwww

While I love (poor baby) Kaneki, my favorite character turns out to be Tsukiyama. 8D He’s this flamboyant guy who have twisted hobbies who soon becomes a darling trash. <3 I liked Nishiki too though but Tsukiyama has more scenes than him so… xD


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