Bless the person who recommended me this one-shot, namely my friend Amayan. 😀

Just like other one-shots, Utaenai Fairy suffers from the usual cliffhangers that we readers get. The upside is that it’s only a minor cliffhanger. It feels somehow complete.

The heroine is contented singing behind her computer despite her fairy-like voice (or so the fans say xD). Until one day, Mr. Popular Guy accidentally discovers her secret. Being one of her fans (despite being a star himself), he prods her to sing. After she sang, she notes that something changed inside her. And that I think, she meant she gained even a little confidence after that. That’s already a great feat for her. She is one step closer to her dream of being a singer. While it is not shown whether she really did become a singer or not, I’m more inclined to think that she will.

The real cliffhanger is probably whether she and the guy end up with each other. It isn’t even hinted if they have romantic feelings for one another. The guy has an admiration to Fairy — not to the person behind the anonymous singer. On the other hand, Fairy is more or less, in love with singing and the guy just serves as the push to get her going.

Anyway, a good one-shot. Makes me interested with the mangaka. xD
This has become a mini review. lol


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