[Manga] Naughty Honey

…don’t have a pic because I couldn’t find a good scanned cover etc sobs.

I didn’t think that the one who created that Makamisama no Iuutori would be the same person behind Naughty Honey. Btw, this is apparently a one-shot from Ultimate Venus.

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[Manga] Smargs Don’t Sing (魔物は歌わない)

smargs don't sing
From MU
Three years prior to the beginning of the story, a village was destroyed by an evil Smarg (magical creature). The sole survivors of the massacre, the sisters Chloe and Iria, fled to a nearby village. The younger sister, Chloe, is mute. However, she is a friendly and diligent worker who is loved by all. The older sister, Iria, is disruptive, rude, and cruel, especially towards her unfailingly loyal sister. But, how did two young girls manage to escape such a powerful creature in the first place?


[Manga] The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress (蜜蜂伯爵と花のドレス)

Summary from Baka-Updates:

“Dahlia is the only female dressmaker in Galleria. She kidnapped and commissioned by the infamous “Honeybee Earl”, who is known to jump from woman to woman like a capricious bee jumps from flower to flower, to make the ultimate wedding dress for his fiancee. Can Dahlia complete the dress without getting stung by the Honeybee Earl?”

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[Manga] First Love (恋ストーリー)

first love

Haruka was shocked to see that Konno is her classmate. That guy used to bully her when they were children. What surprised her more is when Konno confessed to her. She agreed to date him on the plan of dumping him later for her revenge. What will she do when she realized the Konno is a nice guy after all? Will she cruelly dump him as planned or she’ll fall head over heels on him?

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