To do or not to do.

Caters to all your BL needs

Toono transfers from Tokyo to Mori-Mori Academy – a school surrounded by mountains. In this school, all first years should be a member of a club. Toono joins the Photography Club, otherwise known as Yarichin Club. The club’s main activity is no other than sex! There’s just one condition that new members should follow: they have to do it with someone in a month or else, they’ll participate in the club’s orgy.

YariBu has a wide range of members. There are tachi, neko, and some are both. Each having distinctive fetishes. This club has a complete collection of sex toys. So whether you like seke, 3P, toys, bondage, and cross-playing, YariBu got you covered.

But since this contains almost all BL kinks, this could also be a manga full of a landmine for other people. All the wackiness of the group is a double-edged sword. I almost put this down with the mention of implied rape. But was later proved to be a consensual sex after all. So while I do enjoy the fucked up lifestyle of these guys, this isn’t a manga for all.

Porn with Plot

While the story is as ridiculous as it sounds, Ogeretsu Tanaka builds up the plot slowly. It starts without any direction, just some funny sexy time. Over the course of the first volume, it takes to form and shows that the members of YariBu are more than just sex fiends. It’s still 1 volume so there’s still a long way for the characters to really stand out and to show who they really are. For now, we are still like Toono, getting to know the other members and figuring out what they like and what makes them tick.


When it seems that there’s nothing pure in this manga anymore, Ogeretsu presents the budding romance of Toono and the other newbie Kashima. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the polluted world lol. Both Toono and Kashima are unlike their sex-driven senpais. Kashima likes photography and Toono likes to pass his days peacefully. But there’s an undeniable high sexual tension between them. The attraction, while seemingly one-sided for now, gives off a warm, fluffy, and fuzzy feeling. Aside from those two, the other characters are entertaining to watch too. They got me hooked on the story. There’s more to them than meets the eye. Anyhoo, it’s not Ogeretsu TM if it doesn’t pull any punches to your feelings.

It’s not all about love and sex. This edition that I got shows the first time Yuri and Tamura join the club. It’s… mind-blowing and scary to say the least. In the middle of all the chaos in the club, Yuri’s shows his support to Tamura in a very Yuri-like way. The bromance is strong between these two. It makes me appreciate whatever kind of relationship they have.

Yarichin Bitch Club is not all mindless fun and sex. It could also drown you in the sea of fluffy feels that satisfies both my BL kicks and otome heart.


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  1. I’m dying to read this manga xD
    My friend is reading and said it’s very funny and sexy
    Can’t wait to read!!

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