Erha’s volume 2’s cover is beautiful, don’t you think? I loved the previous volume’s cover with Mo Ran vs Chu Wanning kind of feel, but the brighter colors of this book look even more beautiful. I love seeing all three of them with their Shizun just hanging out together. CWN watches in the background as his disciples play around.

Volume 2 picks up from where we last were in Volume 1. Chu Wanning and his students deal with the aftermath of fighting with the Fake Gouchen. This villain continues to lurk, causing unnecessary harm to the MCs. His presence looms throughout the book as this volume is full of plot points from start to finish. Also, there’s foreshadowing which I expect we’ll know more about in the coming books.

Interspersed between the plot points are moments showing Mo Ran and Chu Wanning’s relationship. The first quarter of the book is full of knives. Mo Ran is lovestruck, Chu Wanning pines, and both misunderstand each other. Same old, same old.

This volume is so bittersweet what’s with both Mo Ran and Chu Wanning unintentionally hurting each other. The sweet parts are short but provide relief from those bitter moments. And what better way to do that than turn one of the MC into a child? CWN turned to a young disciple named Xia Sini.

I love CWN as Xia Sini because he gets to do what he does not want to do when he’s in his adult form: get to know his disciples and be vulnerable. CWN lacks the visible compassion and care of a shizun. He only shows tough love which is often misunderstood coughMoRancough. As XS, he gets to show his softer side. He can throw tantrums, sulk, and most importantly, cry when in pain. CWN learns of his mistakes and tries to be better. It makes me wonder if the reason he doesn’t know how to show care and love is because he’d never had them in the first place?

Chu Wanning lowered his lashes. Suddenly he felt that his wasn’t bad. This kind of color, this kind of Mo Ran, this kind of himself. If he were in his true form, none of this would have happened.

It’s not just Chu Wanning who experienced an epiphany in this volume. Even Mo Ran is finally retracting his sharp teeth. He’s finally thinking why he had done all the things that he did in his previous life. Yes, especially the ones that he committed to Chu Wanning.

This book gives a small spotlight on Xue Meng. While he’s supposedly the genius young master of the sect, he’s mostly a shadow of Mo Ran. But I liked that he’s given character depth and growth in this volume.

A pretty good volume with Mo Ran and Chu Wanning toning down their harsh edges. Next volume is my most awaited book of the series rubspalms.

Series: The Husky & His White Cat Shizun (Erha He Ta De Bai Mao Shizun)

Written by: Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou (肉包不吃肉)

Translation: Rynn and Jun

Cover and Interior Art: St

Available at: JJWXC (the series is currently locked), Seven Seas Danmei (English)

Volumes (English): 1, 2, 3, 4


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