okashi na shima no peter pan

Title: お菓子な島のピーターパン ~Sweet
Company: Quinrose
Release Date: October 6, 2011
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://quinrose.com/game/pp/top.html
Walkthrough: http://otomegame-capture.com/psp/peterpan/chart7.html

Wendy Darling and her step-brothers are leading a normal life. But not until she meets Peter Pan. On their first meeting, Wendy thought that he looks like he is lost; making him bursts into laughter. Later that day, Peter, together with Tinker, visits Wendy’s room and takes the Darling siblings forcefully to Neverland where they will be the judges to a sweets contest. To go back to their world, they need to choose a winner of the contest. Sounds easy? Not for these siblings.

I have been a fan of Peter Pan ever since my childhood days. However, as much as I love Peter to end up with Wendy, it never happened (-̩-̩__-̩-̩) in any of those stories. But in this game, it’s possible! ヽヽ(´▽-`)/

Sweets are everywhere! www which is very fitting to the theme. However, there’s more in the story than meets the eye. Despite the eye-candy characters, there are mysterious things happening in Neverland. Most of these are revealed on Tink and Peter’s route.

I enjoyed the story very much as there is a development in each characters. Throughout the story, you’ll see them learn from their mistakes and realized the value of everything that they have. There are some drama and comedy scenes included in every event which was managed well so as not to make irrelevant and dragging angst. I also love how consistent the characters are especially Wendy. Whoever route I’m in, when one particular character does or decides on something, I’d go “ahh as expected of him/her” or “that’s so like him/her”. Although Tinker changed in the truth route, it was justified so you feel that it’s different from the yandere Tinker that you know XD.

Another thing that I love is the system. Well, it’s more of the L button :D. It serves as the rewind button so you can click it whenever you missed kissing scenes or just simply to rewind it. And yes, you can click it when you choose the wrong answer. The R button is used for skipping scenes but you’d have to hold it, it’s a tad annoying imo.

The prologue of the story is quite long. Like, it’s equal to a 2-4 (?) events. But you’ll just have to save it at some point and you can start there when going through all the route except the truth end. The truth end requires you to start all over. But don’t worry, you can always skip since by this time you’ve already seen most of the dialogues. When going through a guy’s route, there are specific areas you will have to visit 3 times. Once you’ve entered their route, you don’t have to choose for a place again as it will already have the next event. You’ll also have this, uh I don’t know how to call this part (please see the image below). The hearts indicate the guy’s affection for Wendy. I’m not sure about Wendy on the lower right. I think, it is Wendy’s confidence. When the hearts are not completely filled in and there some gap between the guy and Wendy, you’re in his Good end. The one below is Peter’s Best end. That’s the same for every character, just different chibi XD;;.

The true end felt a little let down to me. I was surprised that it has the shortest route where you can also go to Tinker’s friend end (and a bad end). I was expecting it to be a little longer than usual. It is satisfying but I wish there’s more of it since I can’t get enough of the story. I have a feeling that they could have expanded it more. But nonetheless, it’s a sweet and heartwarming ending.


John Darling

One of Wendy’s brother. John is serious and uptight. And because of that, he cannot tolerate Michael’s flippant attitude and lectures him mercilessly. Yes, he nags like a mother lol. Despite treating his younger brother that way, he is just worried about him. According to Michael, his older brother is good in studying… and THAT alone xD although he seems to be good in fixing things (sewing etc) as well.

He respects Wendy a LOT. It must have been because their personality is so alike. But I think, this is also the reason I didn’t feel any spark between the two of them. It’s as if he’s just agreeing with her easily or patronizing her (¯―¯٥). While I was thinking that his route would be flat and all I would hear was his nagging voice, he have the best romantic scenes among the bunch ^////^. This is something I’ve been looking forward to other guys after going through John’s and quite disappointed when no one could be at par with him XD. I guess his seiyuu (Koji Yusa) really helped in this part (ʃƪˆ▿ˆ).

I smashed “o” whenever he nags because he is  grating my ears, not to mention I dislike nagging characters. Not to mention, he ALWAYS cockblocks Peter (he has his reasons but…). But he’s usually the source of LOL moments throughout the game so I should just overlook that ^^;;. For instance, he’ll freeze when he can’t rationalized the things in Neverland or when something shocks him (like Wendy having a boyfriend). XD

Michael Darling

The youngest of the Darling siblings. He seems an easy-going guy though he is actually dependable. Wendy confides in him most of time since he mature and sharp. Michael is like a bestfriend to Wendy. He understands Wendy and only wishes for her happiness.

When they arrived in Neverland, he was the only one who was excited with their adventure. He looooovesss exploring and playing around Neverland. I considered calling him “Michael the Explorer” at one point xD;;. Michael is quite popular to the inhabitants of Neverland, be it a human, fairy and whatnot.

His interaction with John is really good! Next to Scissor and Hook, these two have the funniest conversations even if most of the time they are arguing or it ends up with Michael running away from his brother XDD.

I find Michael’s advances to Wendy cute ^///^. No matter how many girls present their selves to him, he only thinks of Wendy. For her, she considers it as a siscon XD.

The only problem that I had while going through the Darlings route was it’s as if I’m leaving someone behind when I choose one of them. These 3 loved and cared for one another and I actually admire their family ties. So I just feel bad that Wendy is with John/Michael, while the other is left somewhere (and it’s quite obvious that these brothers hold special feelings for Wendy XDDD).

Tink Bell

As much as I dislike her sister, I just can’t dislike him too even with his mischievous ways (〃∇〃).

Tink and Tinker are the only fairies who are used to the presence of humans. However, people are afraid of him. He’ll go to the extreme at the expense of others as long as he is enjoying it. He loves playing around and respects Peter so much, he rarely opposes him.

Wendy piqued his interest and often enjoyed seeing her reactions. Tink is like a child who does not know what is right and wrong. That’s why Wendy calls him 馬鹿妖精 XD. But he’s so adorable when reprimanded (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥. Wendy teaches her things he still doesn’t know and it’s just so ^/////////^.

OMG Tink! My fave route!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ He has the most bittersweet, heart-wrenching story. He is soo adorable when he tries to do good things so as not to be hated by Wendy. He tries his best in doing everything for her even if it costs him his life (〃∇〃). I think he has some yandere streak on him but I DON’T CARE. I’d even love him more~! (* ̄∇ ̄*)

James Hook

The pirate who always gets into a fight with Peter and afraid of Scissor’s pet crocodile. He has a pet bird named Jewel which is very noisy (and annoying). He lurves chocolate a LOT like every part of his ship has chocolate. His men respect him so much and will do everything for him. Despite their looks, these guys are one big group of dorks lmao.

His low voice and intimidating looks made me want to pass his route. Buuut, I’m glad I didn’t. Gosh, Hook is hot! He’s one sexy pirate (〃∇〃). It’s adorable to see him stealing kisses from Wendy whenever possible.

Hook’s route has lots of hilarious moments. Mostly because of his men and his fear of Croco. Another fave of chara of mine! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Scissor Gavielwatch

The captain of the navy. His confectionery is the “Biscuit of Destruction”. His men respect him as a good leader but agree that he has a weird personality. Scissor couldn’t care less on other things unless it’s about destruction like fighting with Hook. lol

If not for the completion of all the routes and CGs, I would love to skip this one. I wasn’t really interested in him at first. Like, he is sooo poker-faced I thought he would be boring. True enough, the first part was tiresome. I ended up skipping most of the dialogues.

But then, as I go along with his route, I realized how twisted he is. He is weird, I could even call him as the weirdest of them all lol. It took him a while before he started blushing around Wendy but blushes so much when he passionately says something about his pet Croco. Dude ಠ_ಠ.

It was also surprising that out of the bunch, he was the one who has a dead lover issue. I mean, this bored-to-death-looking guy had been scarred in the past because of a LOVER? (☉__☉”) Good thing, that issue wasn’t the center of his route. He didn’t get all angsty and emo over it. It just serves as an explanation as to how did he become that kind of person.

His relationship with Wendy started slow (John beats him to it hehe) and gradual. But when he finally opens up, gosh Scissor throws lots of hilarious and embarrassing lines with a straight face! о(ж>▽<)y ☆ Well, even before, he’ll say such things but the length of words he says grows longer and cheesier. lol

Playing his route made me see croco as a cute creature XD. He may not be my favorite character but he his route isn’t the worst one.

Peter Pan

The reason why the Darlings are in Neverland. Everybody loves him (well, other than Hook and Scissor). He hates lying and liars. His very existence in Neverland is special. The reason will be revealed in the true end.

It took me, what, 5 routes to get to his route. 5 ROUTES?? So it means I’d have to reject him/choose other guys over him in those route щ(ºДºщ). While he is constantly confessing to Wendy since the game started, I see him as a brat in his own route. He is whimsical and self-centered, deciding on things which may cause inconvenience on other people. He’s throwing Wendy in his pace D:. I can’t hate him though, Peter-biased /runs away. Of course, there’s a deep reason why he acts like that. Later on, he becomes mature and decides to change things for the better.

Wendy sees him first as a kid but as the story progresses he’s changing to his adult form. And when he does that….major ^/////////^. I had mini-heart attacks whenever he changes in the first few events. Ishida also changes his voice (more ^////////^) but the concealed spoiled and complex feelings of Peter are still there. <333333

Tinker Bell

Tink’s younger sister and loves Peter. As Peter immediately likes Wendy, this makes Tinker to hate her.

Ugh. I dislike her on other Peter Pan stories and this game didn’t change my impression of her. The only route where she isn’t a biatch is the truth end. So when she goes chummy chummy with Wendy, my expression is like (¬_¬).

Wendy Darling

The heroine of the story. Stubborn strong-willed and a perfectionist, she wants everything to be perfect for her mother. She has some serious (lol) mother complex in which everything she does is for her and her alone.

She hates Neverland at the start of the story. She hates sweets to begin with, so Neverland is like hell to her XDD. She decides not to eat sweets and want to stick with it.

It’s nice to see her discover herself and realized a lot of things while in Neverland. Not only because she learned that there’s more to her life than living for her mother’s expectations but also the importance of her own happiness. True, she can be annoying at some point, but that’s what you expect to her with that personality. She is never afraid to fight for what she believes in even if it’s her life at stake.

Despite having that kind of feisty personality, she also shows her weak sides. For instance, she feels really scared when the pirates are fighting. For this,  she reacts like what a normal adult would. She feels more human with her thoughts and actions. Definitely what heroines should be. 😀


Lots of CGs! *O* I love the coloring, it’s vivid and light. The backgrounds are detailed. It changes the lighting depending on the time of the day. Though there are some inconsistencies I noticed like height inconsistencies, one character looks big when he’s lean, etc. That may have been a pet peeve on my part. ^^;;


Lovely! It’s very fitting to the theme of the game. My favorite would be Hook’s background. It’s so pirate-ish. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ Though the other’s are not so bad. 🙂

I just have to include this as this is my fave CG with Hook in it <3333


The length of the game and the number of texts you’ll have to go through might be a little discouraging, don’t let it be. This game is good, it’ll be a waste to let it pass. It was a well-written story and impressive scenarios. The characters are all lovely and think like an adult. They all have their own charm it will be hard to choose who will be your fave XD. This also has lovely CGs you’ll definitely enjoy.

While I enjoyed the route order I played, you might like to play Tink’s route right before Peter as they both have major bits of the plot. So it’ll be John->Michael->Hook->Scissor->Tink->Peter->Truth end. Enjoy! ^_^

Oh, and I’d like to share my fave conversation in the game: http://xxbishie-holicxx.tumblr.com/post/17369092466/my-fave-convo-of-scissor-and-hook-lolol



12 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (お菓子な島のピーターパン ~Sweet)”
  1. Yay for finishing the game~ /o/ I agree, I don’t regret picking up this game. QR’s new Cinderella-inspired game looks very similar to Peter Pan (in terms of interface etc.) but…no Ishida/Fujimaru Mamenosuke so haha. :3 Not sure if I’m gonna try it out – are you?

    Seems like Tink is the favourite guy for you too! So far that seems to be the case from the people I know who’ve played the game. It was really unexpected. <3 Does he have a yandere streak? I couldn't quite recall. ^^; The one I felt a slight yandere streak in was Michael in his good end haha.

    1. Yay!( ´∀`) Thank you! ^_^
      Since I’m into fairy tales, I’ll try their Cinderella game but I think I’ll wait for reviews before playing. xD;; I’m hoping it’ll be as good as this one and not like Mother Goose ^^;;. Another loooong game ahead. wwww
      I’m a newly converted Ishida-fan because of this game xD. Too bad, he isn’t in the next QR game :((.

      Yes! I never thought anyone could topple Peter on my first place wwww. He is just too adorable to resist! And his personality complements well with Wendy, the biggest distinction between Tink and Peter. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ Uhm, I think ^^;;;; though very light. We’re quite the opposite, I can’t remember Michael’s xD;;. Though I remember thinking not to anger Michael when he makes that sharp glances lolol.

      1. Ohh I’ll wait for your impressions then. XD From the screenshots of the game in the gallery area, it looks similar to Peter Pan and not Mother Goose and hopefully. www

        Yay, Ishida fan~~ /o/ Eheh, I hope you can play other games with him~

        Yes! I think Tink complements very well with Wendy, and his romantic scenes are so sexy yet he’s so innocent and keeps asking Wendy if it’s okay to continue. //// Ohh~ ‘Cos in the good end Michael made the comment that he doesn’t mind them staying in Neverland forever since that means she won’t be “taken away” by her mother to the point of 「ずっとここに閉じ込めておきたい」which surprised me. o///o And then I kept thinking of cages lmao.

        1. I’ve just realized that the release date of Cinderella is on the 23rd already. orz my impressions will probably come in late. Hope you’ll still wait for it! ^_^

          I think I already did. But I hated the character and it influenced my feelings for him wwwwww.

          …and then Wendy will do the first move. ^/////^ How bold~ www

          Aah, now I can vaguely recall the line and I shudder at the thought of it. He really sounds like a yandere! O.O /cleanses brain

          1. No problem! I’ve a looong list of backlog over here. XD

            Ahh I see. That was too bad. ;; Glad his role of Peter turned things around. <3

            /cleanses her brain too www

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I can read your post because it’s not giving spoiler. Though I haven’t play some chara, I don’t feel ignorant to it ‘coz it won’t bother my curiosity to play their routes.

    Anyway, after playing 3 routes and near the end of Hook, I will say that it’s really Tink who should be my favorite chara+story. He’s really pure (I won’t mind him say ‘kill’ ‘coz he never do that, right?), doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. Then the second might be Hook. Weird, can change his personality quickly (be it angry or calm), and it’s fun to talk with him.

    You’re right. Heroine must have strong personality like Wendy, though I can’t stand her persistent of not eating sweet. Only once a while it’s fine, but she refuse it so much. I know she has some kind of family problem for the cause but it’s annoys me. But I find her interaction with Hook is the most fun of all. And with Tink, they will be a hot couple dancing at the balcony (Yeah, remember best end).

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      I’m glad you were not spoiled while reading this ^^;;. I tried limiting some details so as not to spoil whoever will reads this. I know some people dislikes it.

      He won’t! 😀 Wendy wouldn’t like it~~ ^//^. Hook may look like he’s so temperamental but when he’s with Wendy, he’s so mellow and sweet. Yes! It’s really fun talking to him especially about his dreams. ^/////^

      I also find her stubborness somewhat annoying at some point. But I think she eats sweet earlier in Peter’s route than with the other guys? omg they are both gorgeous on that outfit! I wouldn’t be surprised that Tink went speechless and got carried away~~ (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ wwww

      1. Usually, I’m alright with spoiler. But for this long game, I don’t want to spoil myself so that I’m losing interest in it.

        It maybe like that in Peter’s route. But so far (I’ve played Peter, Tink, John, and Hook), I like how she decided to eat sweets in Hook’s route. It’s more natural even if it’s a bit forceful ψ(*`ー´)ψ

  3. Congratulations for finishing the game o/ we should celebrate it because my mindset upon QR’s games is a life’s journey due to it’s impenetrable wall of texts www
    How long does it takes you to finish the whole game?
    I love Hook’s oh.. エロイHook’s route moree! He’s so cute almost like a child and those CGs. What a massive sexual harasser wwww.


    nice onee (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b

    1. Thank you~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
      www a life’s journey indeed as it took more than a month to finish the whole game (´・ω・`). It’s like 4-7 days for each guy orz, plus I’m quite a slow player so…xD

      エロイHook (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ Despite looking scary, he’s just so cute when he’s around Wendy (〃∇〃) sexual harasser wwwww he takes every possible opportunities to kiss or tease her; making Wendy like this (〃∇〃) and me ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ lolol

      Ooopsie I must apologize for polluting your eyes ^^;; (and I must apologize for the number of kaomoji I put in this comment orz)

      Thank you for taking your time to read this!

  4. hi! I´m new in this things and I have not idea how can I get this game. If someone could tell me

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