Title: 逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~
Company: Quin Rose
Release Date: March 29, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://quinrose.com/game/ouma/top.html
Walkthrough: http://suihana.blog74.fc2.com/blog-entry-363.html

The story is set in a high school which is also the boundary of human and youkai worlds.

During the day, the school is your typical school filled with humans. When the night falls, it changes completely as youkai is all over the place as ‘students’.

The heroine, Suzue Shizuka, is a descendant of a water spirit. She has good grades and really strong. So strong that if she won’t let it out she’ll have a fever. That’s why together with her friend Hisoka, they do pranks all over the school.

After getting distracted from other games, I have finally finished this game! Oumagatoki is a straight VN with a good mix of romance, humor, and mystery. Moreover, the interesting set of characters make it more entertaining to play. There are some routes that only give away hints or none at all about the plot. Some ends left me “._. wut” and the truth ends are part of that orz (though I liked Hibiya’s truth end 8D;;).

Anyway, I had some Peter Pan flashbacks while playing this. Not from the scenes, but more on the choices. When I was playing PP, the good end choices made me chose the answers that I didn’t want to choose. Most of the time, it made Wendy remained on her guard despite going out with the guy. The same thing happened here. So when I am in the best end, it is a relief to finally click the appropriate choices. :Db


There is also an omake part where there is a glossary-like part about the youkai that you encounter in the game. I may be wrong but it’s only available after you finished the game. I tried clicking it after finishing like 3 guys but nope. The only part that I can click is the lunch mini-game where you play against any guy you choose over ramen lol. Then, there are also games about the spells etc. They are pretty enjoyable so try playing them after the main game. 🙂

The system is pretty simple and easy to follow. Once you see the prologue, you can skip it if you start with a new game. You can also skip through the dialogue that you have already seen by holding R button. Yep, you don’t just press it but HOLD it all throughout the dialogue. 😐


Suzue Shizuka


Our kickass heroine. She is a 2nd-year student in this school and is known for her pranks together with Hisoka. She has this enormous power within her that if she doesn’t unleash she will have a fever.

I loved how she is able to handle herself without relying on the guys. Sometimes she teases the guy and on the inner dialogue, she’ll say “Kidding~” lol. She is a pretty much a likable heroine unless she tsuns a lot which is kind of annoying.

Izumi Reiji


Izumi is a 1st-year student and the 2nd strongest youkai in Shizuka’s school. He is the adorable tsundere fox who hates to lose so he and Shizuka often compete even in the most trivial things lol. According to his profile, he loves doing pranks on other people yet he hates it when he is the victim of pranks.

I’m not really into tsundere but Reiji is just so cute I can’t resist him ( ´艸`). He is tsun at first but when he started blushing around Shizuka = ♡♥(´▽`)♥♡. What is more amusing is when Shizuka says things to evoke reactions from him and getting the reactions she wanted in return. XDD However, Reiji’s constant jealousy even just to her friends is a little ._. but well I’ll forgive him for that. :’D

Yurajou Keigo


The guy who always assists injured students as the nurse is away. Keigo is Izumi’s childhood friend and a wolf youkai.

He is so cute~ (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥. Since he is always calm and smiling, he sounds scary yet cool when angry. It is obvious that he is head over heels with Shizuka and she knows it. But even knowing that, she just brushed it off all the time sobsss. Even after she agrees to start dating Keigo, she doesn’t love him as much as he loves her. Keigo, being the nice guy that he is, thinks it’s okay as long as he is beside her. ;A;

Under that ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ image, when Keigo gets randy ≖‿≖. That and all the puppies in this route make this a TOTAL WIN! d=(´▽`)=b

Toono Atsurou


Toono is Shizuka’s fighting buddy lol. Well not really a buddy since they often fight each other xD. The two of them often clashes with each other, hence the constant fighting. Things take a sharp turn when they accidentally bumped into each other in the cinema. They discover that they have the same taste in movies and likes discussing them with each other. Other than movie-going, Toono is also weak with cute and furry stuff xD.

I liked Tono A LOT. Despite his badass attitude, his good side is nice and his reactions are really good to see. I go ♡♥(´▽`)♥♡ many times in his route. But that is only because of his personality, not the entire route. Toono’s route presents interesting things that may have linked to Shizuka’s past.

Just when I thought that finally, Shizuka notices her feelings for him first, she actually runs away from him after he confesses D:. The first rejections are okay but as it goes on, I can’t help but feel bad for him. Though he may come off strong, rejecting him in front of your classmates is no excuse :|. Thankfully, Toono doesn’t give up that easily! o/

Nashibatake Wakako


Shizuka’s gal pal. She can detach her head from her body which of course freaks most people out. She wouldn’t have been that clingy to Shizuka if she only has a man. Too bad, she’s got a high taste in men. Or should I say long? 😀 Her ideal man just needs to have a neck like that of a giraffe lmao.

I’m not excited to do her route but thank goodness it’s short and has only one end so I figured I should just finish her route. Wakako is likable as a friend but an end with her? Uhm, nope. 😀

Tobiura Moegi


Why does he even have a route? He is the creeper troll that appears randomly most of the time. Tobiura is a tengu who is obsessed with uchiwa because apparently, he buys another uchiwa even if he already has one, saying that the feel is different. Okay…

Shikibu Hisoka


Shizuka’s prank buddy. They both go around the school causing mischief.

At the start of the game, I instantly liked him but I am aware that most people who have played this do not like him. Hisoka is the yandere of this game. Thankfully, he does not use any cages or chains to Shizuka O.O. But hey, what is the use of those when you can use your shikigami powers into action and just control her to your liking? Or perhaps kills anyone who takes her away from you without a second thought? Other than being a yandere, he is also a pedophile stalker. (¬‿¬)

After finishing his route, I’m rather vexed to what I feel about this guy. I’m torn between liking and hating him. While I liked his playful nature, it goes extreme as the story progresses. This guy is just nuts!

Hibiya Kyougoku


He is the school prefect who always reprimands Shizuka and Hisoka. He is also the strongest youkai in the school. Despite that, other youkai keep on trying to eat him because of his ‘yummy’ smell being a part human.

I won’t call him by his first name because it’s complicated to say and write lol. Hibiya may have this angry or serious look on his face for the most part of the game (mostly because he’s chasing the pranksters) but he is cute when he finally becomes dere towards Shizuka. He starts using a softer tone to her than what he usually uses when talking to other characters. Compared to Shizuka, Hibiya is more of a wife material and otome than her lmao. He is good at cooking and says really sweet things. He is just a hopeless romantic (─‿‿─). Actually, when I learned that Kouji Yusa voiced Hibiya, my expectation from the kissing sounds shot up. I mean, he has the only kissing sounds (and they were good) in Peter Pan so why not here too :3. The good thing is that he does not disappoint me (though it’s still quite few).



While I liked the drawing and coloring of Peter Pan and 12-ji Halloween Wedding (yes I’m playing it now x3) more, Oumagatoki is not bad. It is still attractive to the eyes. Though there are times when it is a little inconsistent. Also, I loved how they bother to create a different style to the summoning spells (or whatever you call those circles ^^;;). There are lots CGs too!


The bgms do not strike me as much as 12-ji (okay sorry I’m quite biased to Halloween Wedding now sobs) but still, they are not bad. They are just not that remarkable. Oh but I think there is this song that I liked the one that played in Toono’s end (or was it bad or good end?) x3. It has a uniform ending song for each best end. Fortunately, it isn’t like Peter Pan where you can’t skip it in the first few routes.


I totally recommend this game! Like, this is a MUST game in your to-play list. All parts of it are enjoyable. As I’ve said above, there is a good mix of all elements in the story. As much creeper Tobiura and Hisoka are, I can’t completely hate them. Heck, I can’t imagine Oumagatoki without them. And who would be able to resist those hot scenes? Or Toono? (¬‿¬)


4 thoughts on “Oumagatoki ~Kaidan Romance~ (逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~)”
  1. Need to get to this game one day – especially since QuinRose seems to have another game lined up in its series! orz I like how Yusa’s roles in QR games are not the stereotypes he usually gets.

    1. Oh the new one in the Kaidan series? :3
      You should play this Yume-chan! 8D
      I’m glad that I haven’t met his ‘other’ chara or else his QR character will be judged right away |D

  2. Descendant of a water spirit huh…not a Kappa, right? lol
    So this game is recommended? I’m so clueless to Quinrose games, usually go back and forth between Tokimeki GS (obviously) and OTOMATE games. maybe this one is worth to put on my buylist

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