[Webcomic] S Flower (First Impression)

Image from Lezhin

S Flower by JINMI

Status: Ongoing

Summary from Lezhin:

“It’s Ye-eun’s 32nd birthday, but she’s not feeling too great. After her lingerie line went out of business, she’s been forced to move back to her hometown, a place she thought she’d left for good. Luckily, her best friend knows just the thing to cheer her up: a big, shiny, limited edition dildo. Ye-eun “breaks it in” that night, but wakes up the next morning sans dildo. All she’s left with are fragments of a hot night of S&M and the muffled moans of a stranger… Who could the mystery man be?”

I know I’ve created my TBR List above so as not to be tempted to pick-up another series, skim through it then add it to my never-ending backlog. But that’s exactly what happened with S Flower. Curious about the cover, I skimmed through it until, like, 15 chapters later.

Since I haven’t really “read” this series, this post only contains my impressions of the story.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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