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S Flower by JINMI

Status: Ongoing

Summary from Lezhin:

“It’s Ye-eun’s 32nd birthday, but she’s not feeling too great. After her lingerie line went out of business, she’s been forced to move back to her hometown, a place she thought she’d left for good. Luckily, her best friend knows just the thing to cheer her up: a big, shiny, limited edition dildo. Ye-eun “breaks it in” that night, but wakes up the next morning sans dildo. All she’s left with are fragments of a hot night of S&M and the muffled moans of a stranger… Who could the mystery man be?”

I know I’ve created my TBR List above so as not to be tempted to pick-up another series, skim through it then add it to my never-ending backlog. But that’s exactly what happened with S Flower. Curious about the cover, I skimmed through it until, like, 15 chapters later.

Since I haven’t really “read” this series, this post only contains my impressions of the story.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

Man, I’m so torn between giving this a positive or a neutral mark. It’s a very interesting premise. Ye-eun looks like a pretty and sweet heroine but she has a secret hobby, which includes topping the good-looking males around her. She is like an innocent maiden when she’s actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But I give this a neutral reaction because I’m not fond of BDSM. 😓 I get squeamish with doms. 😓😓😓 (then you’ll wonder why the hell I started reading this. I say, blame it on my curiosity. 😋)

But at the same time, femdom is cool. I also love how she has those big and burly guys wrapped up in her little fingers.

On the other side, this is a reverse harem where she has multiple guys around her. All of them are dominated by Ye-eun. What keeps me reading is to know whether she’ll fall for any of them when they have all fallen for her. Everyone’s cute but I end up rooting for his friend-slash-helper-slash-fuck-buddy.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)


Dang gurl. Such a queen. She looks very innocent, very feminine. Who would have thought that she’ll have the strength to push down a man. I can’t wait to see how her experiences with the guys change her.

The Male Leads

They all hit my favorite type and I love how they are all possessive of her but at the same time also very subversive.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Pretty art definitely. And it’s in full color for added effect. If you’re into muscular guys, then you’ll love the eye candies here.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

As I’ve mentioned above, the story is intriguing but BDSM isn’t for me. Maybe once I know how this ends or if she starts falling for another guy maybe, I’ll come to this series and read it once more.


At the top of my head, there are two scenes that popped out.

When the friend is introduced, he looks like an irritated guy who is forceful at sex. So imagine my surprise when I see her topping him. 😱🤪

Then of course, her search for the guy whom she uses her brand new dildo. Her search introduces her to another man… and another possible fubu?


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