I love the Dad Tips in this game.

The most surprising thing to me is how much I loved playing Dream Daddy. As I mentioned here, I thought that it would be a charming and entertaining game. I admit, I started playing it for the lulz but there’s more to the eye-rolling daddy jokes than meets the eye.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

The way I see it, the ‘Dream Daddy’ does not only mean the eligible dads in the game. It also means how MC lives up to his dream — the ideal daddy for his daughter Amanda.


Yes, the one reason that made me love the game is MC’s relationship with Amanda. They have a wonderful relationship, full of love and respect.

When I started the game and realized that my daughter is a teenager, I couldn’t help but groan. More often than not, teenagers are portrayed as rebellious, combined with other teenage drama.

But Manda Panda is the best child. She looks after her father. The two of them have a warm atmosphere around them and the way they joke around each other shows how well they get along.


Sometimes, she helps her dad with his dates. Amanda is the best wingwoman you could ever have.

Being the eldest among the other kids in the neighborhood, she is like a big sister and a leader for them. Yet, Amanda also loves fooling around and playing child games with the younger ones.

She’s got class and sass but still knows filial piety. MC taught her well.

It’s hard not to be a good dad for this kid.

I know, you can choose to be a jerk and just be an overall horrible dad. If you’re a completionist, you’d have to be that dad. But good for me, I’m no longer the completionist that I was. So now I wouldn’t have to be brokenhearted by ignoring my daughter.


Margarita Zone

Speaking of completion, you may or may not heard of the Achievement Escape from Margarita Zone — Margarita Zone referring to the special relaxing place for Joseph and MC. After the patch, the developers bring back a secret route they originally intended to be part of the game but decided to scrap it after production. To achieve this Achievement, you have to finish all dad routes at least once.

Yesss, I need that nightmare.

Or so that’s the original thought. I can’t be sure, though, because, in my gameplay, I had to replay Joseph’s route to get the bad end and other Achievements along the way before I was able to trigger this.


But getting all the ends is not enough. You still have to create a very specific dadsona. Please refer here for the guide, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1552557730.

Even after going through all that, you’ll get a prompt asking you if you are truly getting into this route.

…only the bravest can enter! Lol


It is quite tedious, what’s with that dadsona but the alternate end is interesting! The developers warn that this is non-cannon. Still, it’s quite a twist on things. I just know that there’s something really fishy about Robert.

All in all, I loved everything about the game. Okay, maybe I can even love the minigames. Even if the game is short, I enjoyed every minute spent on it. It’s money and time well spent.


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