I have started playing this game 3 weeks ago. Since then I only pursued a single guy.

Okay, scratch that. I went for Tendou Jin’s route (and got his ending first), around my second week of playing because I was getting frustrated for not getting Kei-kun after starting 6 or 7 playthroughs (I have a currently saved game which is my 9th one I think) only to end up starting the game from the beginning and not finishing it over and over again. I did this whenever I feel that playthrough won’t get him to confess to me at the church. I’ve been following a guide by fireylight but I’m having a hard time raising Intelligence, Fitness, and Style altogether. IDK, if it’s just me being a sore loser when it comes to this stuff since some people have been saying that getting Kei-kun is easy or his parameters are darn high and such a pain achieving them. >_>

Hazuki Kei is Habataki High’s prince. He is popular, good-looking, excels in everything, works as a model, and a bit of a snob. Being the Mr. Frosty that he is, Kei-kun isn’t receptive to you at first. Once he warms up to the heroine, you’ll realize he is worth the effort. Me, for example, loves to see him blushing whenever we talk. It’s also cute to see another side of him like his love for cats and napping that he goes to the extent of sleeping anywhere. Lol  I don’t really believe that he’s a snob after lots of plays in his route. He is just aloof and more of a child most the times. Another plus point for him is because his seiyuu is Midorikawa Hikaru. <3

I searched high and low for tips and hints, and ways other people did while getting his route. On my 6 (or was it 7?) play through, I did everything. EVERYTHING. Even getting all Kei-kun’s CGs on that single play. O.O  At the graduation day, I got the feeling that after everything I did for him with the stats of Int: 151, Fitness: 150, Style: 134, Art: 200+, Social: 180+, Charm: 129, I won’t get his confession. True enough because when I went to the church, it was close much to my chagrin. Instead, I had my brother Tsukushi to console me. TAT

So I started another play going for the same guy. I’m currently on my 2nd yr, Dec 23 and Kei-kun is already in 😀 state. I thought I’ll be playing through this till the end yet I can’t help feeling bad about my first almost successful playthrough. Then I remembered something. On some comments that I have read, if you’ve been through the ‘almost confession’ par t of your guy then his parameters must have decrease by, I think, 10 (like 150 à 140). If that is true, I’ll just have to load and play from a certain point before 3rd yr February to work on my Style stats. I treated it casually since just in case it won’t work, I won’t have to get through another heart-break. I still have my latest saved game to work on, anyway. And ta~da, it worked! Fufufu I’ve loaded a saved game on 3rd yr, January and worked from there. Since then, I’ve only been choosing the ‘Read the Magazine’ option and my weekends to call the guys who bombed me (yes Morimura, I’m looking at you >_<)

These are the things that I did during that playthrough:

  • I’ve dated him once every month. Not the usual belief that Kei would be annoyed if you stalk him at the very start of the game. My first date with him was 1st yr, April (last Sunday). I think as long as you date him in his favorite places, wear ‘Pure’ clothes, and answer him correctly, you’ll be fine.
  • When the store Gen. Store Simon Ebisumaru (not really sure, it’s the store together with Boutique Nanami it’s Boutique Sofia) opens up, be sure to drop by. Look for a polka dot blue barrette. Kei-kun sure loves it. It never failed me to have Kei-kun comment about how it suits me. Though the guy’s into barrettes, for some reason he’s more pleased with this one rather than me wearing another style of a barrette.
  • Maximize the skinship. One of my flaws in my 3rd playthrough for Kei. I almost had him in that one too. But it took him 3 years to move 🙂 state. *sigh* I followed the checkmark style I’ve read somewhere everytime I poke him. When he’s in the neutral state, of course, the usual place, torso and arms. Also in neutral and 🙂 state, I only use skinship at the start of the date and after he said he had fun on our date. On 😀 and up, he loves it when I poked on his hair and touch his ring. I always touch his ring after he said something from my previous poke. It seemed to have a greater increase in either panel of his tokimeki panel.
  • First club I joined was Cheerleading. It increased my charm, style, art, social, and fitness. With this I managed to get the DS exclusive CG of Kei-kun with the heroine. It’s a beautiful CG. XD I quit the club right after I got it.
  • How I managed to get all (at least almost) the CGs in one playthrough and the dates I remembered going with him:
    • Zoo – 1st year April; :l state
    • Planetarium – 1st year May; :l state
    • Botanical Garden – 1st year, either June or any month in summer; :l state
    • Cinema (I forgot if it’s either Velocity of Light or Spinning) – 1st year September; :l state
    • Forest Park – 1st year, Autumn (forgot the month); :l state
    • Skating Rink – 1st year, January; 🙂 state
    • Bowling Alley – 2nd year, May;  🙂 state
    • Forest Park – 2nd year, June; 🙂 state
    • Sometime in summer I’ve gotten his CG with the cats. It is also my cue that he already moved to 😀 state.
    • Fireworks Festival – 2nd year, August; 😀 state
    • Ferris Wheel at the Seaside Park – 2nd year, January; 😀 (or was it tokimeki already?) state
    • Flea Market – 2nd year, August; tokimeki (not really a date but I got his CG here)
    • The remaining CGs are the ones after the Christmas party, during the School Play, and the confession CGs. If I remember it right, guys like Morimura (the nerve of that guy >>_<<) bombed me as early as October or November of my 2nd year (I usually have bombs on my 3rd year).
    • To get his CG in the café where you get to ask him one of the topics, I think it’s only once every playthrough. So I get the summer uniform in the first playthrough and the winter uniform in my recent. Same thing happened on the CG with the cats.
    • Don’t forget to always extend the dates so you can have his ‘almost confession’ which I find sweet.
    • For the 3 New Year’s I had, I always wished for ‘love’ to Kei-kun. He asked me to go with him during the first day of the year starting from the 2nd year, January.

I think that’s pretty much it. ^_^ If you’re after the Best Friends ending, I’m sorry but I have only tried this one for the normal ending. I have yet to play the 2nd and 3rd ending. The game’s not new but I still feel like sharing what I had done to achieve his ending. I hope someone finds these tips helpful at least. Good luck getting Kei-kun!

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EDIT: Instead of what I’ve written about Gen. Store Simon and Boutique Nanami, it should have been either Ebisumaru or the second-hand shop, and for ‘Pure’ clothes, shop at Boutique Sofia. Sorry for the confusion. ^^;;

EDIT 2: After joining the Cheerleading club, I joined Brass band for my Style and Intelligence. Also, I chose Arisawa Shiho’s room at the beginning of the game. 🙂


92 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus – Hazuki Kei”
    1. Thank you too for visiting this blog! ^_^
      I’m glad someone find this useful. Btw, I’ve edited this one so please read the edited part. Sorry about that. ^^”

      1. Ahh it’s okay! I’m really struggling to get Kei to like me by second year. -___- I have no idea how you managed to get him to 😀 so fast! He doesn’t even smile for me.

        1. He’s not yet smiling even if you are already in second year? I can relate to your struggle in getting Kei’s ending. TAT
          Hmmm, what I did for the normal route was to date him once a month (or once every other month at the least) and maximize the skinship. Skinship is verrrrrryyyy important! :)) Afterall, it is all about timing. ^_^ How about your stats?

  1. Ahh I actually got him today 🙂 It was really cute! I felt so fulfilled. I followed most of your tips too, thanks so much! ^____^ I have no interest in the other guys now LOL

    1. Congratulations! Isn’t he sweet? *swoons* No problem. I’m glad I can help you. ^_^
      Haha! You too? XD The only driving force that’s keeping me with the game is because I want to fulfill the 3 endings of Kei (and Himurocchi too). 😀

  2. Thank you sooo much!! I’ve also played around 7/8 times and I STILL can’t get Hazuki ; _____ ;
    Hopefully, i’ll be able to with the help of your blog! 😀

    1. Np. ^_^ Thanks for reading my post too.
      Getting Kei-chan’s ending can be quite frustrating. But it’s worth it. >///////////<
      If you encounter any more problems in his route, I'll try to help (though I'm no pro to otome games ^^;;).

    1. I think you’ll have to work on your stats first. Then date him to the places he likes (Zoo, Planetarium) and wear pure clothes. And don’t forget to answer correctly. ^_^ Maximize skinship during your date (you have to be wary of the timing) as it helps in increasing Kei’s tokimeki panel. If you’re not yet using any walkthrough for this game, I’ll recommend this one, http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/934799-tokimeki-memorial-girls-side-1st-love/faqs/48851, by fireylight. And this site too, http://habataki.piyo-piyo.org/. You don’t have to worry that much if you’re still in you’re first year or early 2nd year. That still depends on your current year level in the game. Hope that helps! ^_^ If you have further questions, I’ll try answering them too. :))

  3. sadly, i got himuro-sensei in the end…well he’s good looking but again, not the guy i wanted >.> but im starting over now and im going to get kei if it kills me. (RABID FANGIRL ON THE LOOSEEE)


    no bombs yet whoo! ;D

    1. EEEEH??? O.O And I was hyped reading your previous post. Wait, do you have any other guys in tokimeki state other than Kei? Because you might probably have triggered his best friend event. Or do you have any saved event before he dropped down? You can just load from there too.

  5. Hi! I pLay tokimeki. . This is my 4th pLaytrough, but I still haven’t get kei’s ending!! Please help. . I’m getting frustated. . >,<

    (sorry, my engLish isn't good enough, so there wiLL be a Lot of mistake in my comment. . n-_-n)


    1. No worries about your English. I am not a native English speaker anyway. ^^;; I’ll do my best to help you! 🙂
      About Kei’s ending, have you been raising your stats well? This is his confession requirements for the normal ending (courtesy of fireylight’s walkthrough), Ending 1
      ~ Date him more than 10 times
      ~ Tokimeki state
      ~ Required parameters: Intelligence 150, Arts 150, Fitness 150, Style 150,
      Social 100, Charm 100

    1. First ending: Normal ending. You can either choose to kiss or not, it doesn’t affect the game anyway. I have to redo the ending to get the non-kiss CG.
      Second & Third ending: I forgot which is which but this two is either the Best Friend ending or the Best Friend confession.
      This post is about the normal ending so you could follow this or follow fireylights walkthrough to get it. ^^

        1. I’m currently playing the third one but haven’t finished any of the routes as I’m also playing other non-otome game. ^^;;
          I’m waiting for the English patch of 2nd story so I could play it too. 🙂

          1. hehe. i found the english patch for the 2nd, but it hasn’t been perfect. hihi. to get closer with Kei, we should not have any bomb, right? how to prevent it before it explodes? do you have any way out for this problem? really, i’m stress of avoiding them 🙁 i have to go back to 2nd year january because i’ve lost his 🙂 status

  6. I think the final patch for the 2nd story is going to be released soon! ^_^ I’m also waiting for it so I could play that too.
    The only thing that can prevent bombs from exploding is to call the guy who bombed you and invite for a date. However, that does not mean you have to be sincere in inviting XD. If, for instance, the guy who bombed me is Hibiya, I’ll set our date in the 3rd Sunday of the month. Since Hibiya is in a sports-club, he has practice that day so he’ll tell that he can’t go. Then, the bomb beside his image will be gone and you don’t have to waste a day to date a guy you don’t like. Yay! If the guy does not have a practice on the 3rd Sunday, be sure to always save before calling him and continue load the game until he refuse your invitation. Hope that helps! ^^

      1. very! first, before i got him in this ending, i realized that my fitness was still under 150 -___- so, i turned back to november last year and started to build up my fitness 😀 thanks a lot.

        1. But if you’ve gotten the almost confession, all stats will be reduced by 10. That’s not important anyway since you’ve gotten his ending. ^^

  7. Thankkkkkkkksssss!In my first attempt ended with Ariwasa but now following nearly all of his tutorial on the penultimate day of his graduation Hazuki confessed! Yah!You did a Brazilian girl very happy!
    Muito Obrigada! <—(It's thanks in portuguese)

  8. How did you do to increase your intelligence and your fitness at 150? I don’t know how to do it. It’s very hard because fitness makes fall intelligence. Help me please, it’s my fourth party -_-“

    1. I follow the horoscope religiously. So when it say 😀 on fitness, I do some exercise or (I was in cheerleading) cheerleading club. Vice versa. The work place is important too since Alucard increases everything. If you have seen the almost confession, the required parameters will drop to 140. And according to other players, the blood type affects the horoscope. Mine’s type O, if that will help. ^^;;

      1. hey nice suggestion, friend :)) now i’m on my try to get our sexy homeroom teacher. IT’S SO HAAARD!

  9. Hey girl! You’re really like me! (I’m in love with Hazuki Kei and Ichinose Tokiya ^o^). To me, a good anime should have a sexy harem, good music and comedy XD. But there’s something I have to say you: Yuu-chan is my boy, so… we’re rivals. .<' I wanna have his Best Friend Ending. Did you have it? How do you do it? ='(

    1. Waaah! I love Tokiya~! <33333
      Uhm, I'm quite confused. ^^;; I presume Yuu-chan is Shirota Yuu, and not the little brother you have in TMGS 2? And the Best Friend ending it's for Kei-kun? Sorry my mind's a little fuzzy right now. ^^;;

        1. aaaaaah! I think I know why. Did you use a certain emoticon such as > __ < (or something like that?) It shortens the comment. Happened to me before while posting to another wp blog.^^;;

  10. I was talking about Mihara before. I tried to get the Kei Best Friend ending and my victim was Mihara… poor poetic guy ='( I’m a bad girl. But I want to get the KEI BEST FRIEND ENDING! (because Shirota Yuu and I are already commited <3). ^o^'

    1. I used Sakuya. XD I haven’t tried going after Mihara or even using him as a scape goat. XDD I haven’t gotten the other best friend ending. It is where no one confesses to you and you got your best friend consoling you right?

      1. I don’t know. I think it’s where you dump the other guy at the chapel and then you go to the beach and your Best Friend is waiting for u… cute! (but I didn’t get it yet!). <3

        1. Ah, that one. That is cute indeed! >////<
          It was kind of tough juggling two guys but Kei best friend ending is really worth it. 😀

          1. Pleaseeeeeee Euryx-sama! Help me how I can get that cute ending! without Spoilers please ='(

            No me abandones!!! Hazlo por nuestro Shirota-sama! <3

          2. Oh I’m sorry I get back on you real late. ^^;; I was busy in RL. About the BF ending, I kind of forgot how I did it (it’s been months ^^;;). I’m thinking to make a post about it since it might be long to post it here in a comment (and someone might need it too.). So please hang in there a little. I’ll post it as fast as I can. :))

  11. =O…Kei *0*…i’m going to tell you my biggest pride…i got his ending 5 times…(right now i’m aiming the 6th xD…but the normal ending, y don’t want to be mean and do the best friend ending)…but the only things i have done for his ending was…Cheerleading, work in alucard, the sport festival, valentine chocolate(always homemade)…and well, in the end of my 3 year(well, in the moment when you dont have to continue your club activities) i start increase my study and style…(off course i never let down those parameters…not least that 115 in the other 2 years)…is hard but you get used…anyway thanks for the tips…i will use some…n sorry bout the long post, n my bad english writing =P…you should do a playthrough…

  12. Is Kei’s bestfriend confession and his ending (with kiss and without) is different???!!
    If it’s different can you please tell me how to get both of the events?? I try to get him but I get Arisawa-san instead and there are these bombs coming from every guy T_T

        1. The normal ending is where you fulfill all the requirements of the guy, he is in tokimeki state, and have seen the almost confession. The bestfriend confession is you have two guys in tokimeki state, one is the guy you plan to reject and the other is your bestfriend. When you reject the guy at the church, you’ll go to the beach and have a confession from your bestfriend. While bestfriend ending is almost the same as confession, the difference is that you do not need to fulfill the required parameters of the guy you plan to reject so the church won’t be open on the graduation day. Instead, you’ll have your bestfriend consoling you. But be sure to date the ‘sacrificial’ guy twice within the span of 8 days. ^^

  13. About the Valentine chocolate, does the result of the chocolate effects the affection of the guy.
    So if it is homemade and the results comes out is to be perfect, does the affection grows higher?

    1. Yes, it does. 🙂 That is why it is necessary to give homemade chocos to the guy you like. For instance you gave your guy the expensive choco, he’ll accept but he won’t be that happy to receive it. ^^;;

  14. I was wondering I try to do what you said but I didn’t get him 🙂 Please help I been trying for a couple times and at the end I still didn’t I got him 🙁

    Please help! I been going on dates with month and all but I have no clue is there something you have to do to get him at the end?

  15. I got him at the 🙂 state, but I’m having trouble on how to get the cat CG. Do you know how you got it? Have any tips? …I really want to see him with the kitties and ugh… ;~;

  16. I followed your advice T_T but right now I’m on my 2ed year and he’s not smiling…we went on a a date the 1st of Jan. and it was so-so, even though I followed your advice .. T_T he wasn’t smiling the least. And no, (on the May, date, the billiard date, it’s still so-so) he’s not even talking to me…T_T Where have I gone wrong?

  17. Aw! Hi! I wanted to just say that I got over that XD right now, I’m on my 2ed year, 1st months (it’s ending) and he’s smiling. Now, how to get him to grin and love from here on? 😮

    1. Hello! I’m very sorry for my super late reply. ><;; Uni's a sadist afterall.

      As for your question, just continue levelling up your stats and date him constantly (skinship is important as always XD). That will increase his affection for you. 😀

  18. thanks for the walkthrough i have played this before but havent got hazuki ending but im gonna play again soon and get is ending im glad i wasnt the only 1 struggling to get and playying like 20 times straight. quick ques wats the diference between tokimeki memorial girl side 1st love and tokimeki memorial girl side 1st love plus

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