I have two news for you: good and bad.

Good: TMGS 3rd story will be ported in PSP.

Bad: I haven’t finished the TMGS 2nd and 3rd. orz (not really a news, is it? 8D)

I was browsing my folders when I saw my TMGS folder containing all the images from all the season. I suddenly remembered that I forgot to post about Saeki Teru’s route. >_> I’ll just post it here briefly. 😀

Teru is the main guy for the 2nd season. He is a snob, unfortunately, only towards the heroine. In front of his fangirls, he is soo nice you wouldn’t think that he has another side. Well what do you expect for campus’ popular guy 030. Since the heroine is the only person at school who knows his part-time job and his hostile side, he shows his real self when they’re together. Aaaannnd of course you’ll know where this will lead. :3

If I had a problem getting Kei’s ending, it was tad easy to get Teru’s. He went ‘:D’ state, autumn 1st year. By January, he was already at tokimeki state. Gawd, that was fast! I was 1000% sure I’ll be getting his ending by the end of the game. The downside of this was he was asking me for dates like…every week! >_< I was happy at first, enjoying his tsundere-ness. After a few months, I was like “OMG you’re asking me again??!! O.O. Let me rest dude. His invitations was almost the same as the bombings, the difference was only I was being bombed by the same guy. O.o

I just couldn’t decline to his invitations, right? *sigh* Oh and even if he invited me every time, his heart level (forgot the term orz) went down. Another ‘O.O’ moment for me. I mean, come on, we’re dating every week and your state still goes down? WTH is wrong you?! O.O Later on, by trial and error, I managed to solve this by asking him on weeks that he didn’t ask me first. I had to squish my sched for rest and dates. D:

Compared to Kei, he wasn’t that likeable at first. He loved bullying the heroine by chopping her on the head (then I’ll chop him as well. Start of the chop fest! lol). However, when he warmed up, he can be so nice and sweet. He was a little dramatic to me but whatever, as long as he was easy to get. XDD

After him, I moved on to Waka-sensei. OMG this guy was so innocent and nerdy, it was so cute! >////< Because I wanted to increase my INT stat to get him to like me before 2nd year started, I quit cafe and worked on the flower shop. There I met Masaki-senpai. That’s the start of my problem in this route. Since Masaki is the easiest guy to get in this game (because of his parameter), he immediately likes the heroine and asked for dates. To think, I was going after sensei. O.O Waka didn’t notice me and his state did not increase that fast. I was worried since I’m getting the feeling that I’ll get Masaki’s ending, instead of him, I stalled his route and went after Komori-kun instead.

Komori-kun is the heroine’s shut-in classmate she’ll meet on her 2nd year (October, I think). You’ll have to stalk this guy to come out to his shell. Since I wouldn’t want my stats to drop while stalking him, I worked on them during my first year. Apparently, I have a high (highest among the rest) INT level that’s why Waka constantly asked me for dates. That’s when I raged. Why ask me now in this route and ignore me on your route? O.o And because I have to stalk Komori, I quit my part-time. It was quite heart-breaking to hear Masaki’s rejected voice when I left the flower shop. ;A;

So for now, I’m stalling this. 😀

For TMGS 3, Ruka’s state is already in ‘:)’ state. But I’m too busy for Avalon Code to continue this for now.

Will probably continue these two…someday. 8D


2 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side”
  1. lol I never even played a single TMGS game….although i have them on my backlog. im thinking of waiting out for #3 and then just marathoning them.

    1. My favorite part of this game is the pokefest. XD I wonder how will they do that on the psp or if they’ll come up with another alternative. 😀

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