Majestic Majolical uses a vibrant palette that makes the game look enticing. It is hard to resist www.

Majestic Majolical

The art caught my attention. I just love it. It makes me want to play the entire Majestic Majolical series even before I knew the story. Just look at the webpage, specifically at Lapis, who sat there on the sofa like a boss, and the guys flock around her. It looks as if everyone’s calling out for her attention.

I love it.

Anyway, onto the trial. It covers the prologue and the introduction of the story.

The Idocrase family is famous for being great magicians. But compared with her elite brothers, Lapis can only use common magic. She, then, joins a test to gather Twinkling Gems in the human world to help her increase her chances of getting into a higher school of magic.

I love her brothers! They may not admit it (probably except for Chalcedony) but they all fawn over their little sister.

Chalcedony is the biggest siscon of them all. He is the eldest and wears a poker face most of the time. But! Wait till you see him gush over Lapis.

It started really cute.

Majestic Majolical
Now I’m getting worried www.

Then there’s her cross-dressing 2nd eldest brother, Hauyne (this family has the most complicated names I’ve ever encountered www). He likes beautiful things that’s why he loves dressing up. Besides that, he’s the closest sibling to Lapis. Hauyne is like her brother-slash-sister in a sense that she can have girl talk with him.

The next ones are the twins, Lasse and Rus. They are foul-mouthed brothers whom I thought at first bullying their sister. But they are just really awkward who doesn’t know how to comfort Lapis. They are the type who would take their time off from their work to give her moral support.

Majestic Majolical

Then there’s Jasper, the butler. He is the finessssst of them all! (why can’t I go after him www)

I’m already gushing and I haven’t started talking about the main guys lmao.

While he isn’t one of the main guys in this volume, Shell takes a bit of the spotlight. Sort of. (seriously? Shell as in the seashell?? Not even shell as in Ciel Phantomhive?) His banter with Lapis are one of my favorite scenes in the trial.

I feel like Shell has a crush on Lapis. You know what they say in grade school – when a guy teases you, he definitely has a crush on you. Shell has that tendency towards Lapis. Even Hauyne notices this but Shell brushes it off (a.k.a runs away).

The golden moments:

Majestic Majolical
[when Shell tells her that she’s blocking his way to the door]

I hated Shell the first time he appeared but look at his face whenever Lapis talks back to him. I can sense a tsundere. Hmm…

Majestic Majolical
“Take a good look at the face you hate.”

Enough about Shell. Let’s move on to the two main guys in this volume. Starting off with Mitsuki.

Majestic Majolical
Mitsuki, Lapis, Shiki

Lapis meets Mitsuki as she bumps into him while going to school. She then drags him to the clinic to treat his wounds. Mitsuki warns her not to get close to him or people will hate her too. Or so he thinks. It turns out that he misunderstands why people avoid him. They put him on a pedestal and see him as a god who wouldn’t mingle with peasants because of his good looks.

When other bloggers mentioned that Mitsuki is so adorable, they weren’t kidding. He seems aloof but he is gentle and very endearing.

The other guy in this volume is Kousaka Shiki. He is everyone’s friend. Lapis met him when he drags her to hide while his fangirls are looking for him. Why he drags Lapis into hiding with him is beyond me.

When it comes to the characters, Shiki seems like he has a lot to reveal more than Mitsuki. Mitsuki is more like coming out of the shell. Meanwhile, Shiki resembles Pandora’s Box. You wouldn’t dare to take a peek inside. But that makes you want to peek even more, right?

This is all speculation but it is as if Shiki treats Mitsuki as his frenemy, despite claiming that they can relate to each other. Maybe that’s why it puts him in a bad mood when Lapis chooses Mitsuki over him or when a love letter addressed to Mitsuki makes its way to his shoe locker.

Shiki is the resident playboy. But his moves only goes over Lapis’s head. Look at this exchange:



Majestic Majolical vol 1 trial ends after you get to spend time with any of them.

When it comes to the game’s story, so far it is good. It feels light and easy, perfect playing after work. As for the characters, I love all of them so far! They are all interesting and entertaining. I can’t wait to play the full version and know more about the characters.

I’ll play the trial for Majestic Majolical vol 2, released last April 27. Let’s see if they are as entertaining as the characters in volume 1. One of the characters from volume 2 appeared in volume 1’s trial.

P.S. This post contains some really rough translations of the dialogues. I may have made some mistakes. ><;;


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