Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses? – Miles Edgeworth

You do, Edgey. *nods*


Might contain spoilers!!

I’ve finally finished playing Trials & Tribulations a few days ago and immediately started playing Apollo Justice. I have mixed emotions while playing this since I want to finish this and play AJ yet I don’t want to because this will be the last case my character will be Phoenix. カゼ

I love Trials & Tribulations! The cases were well-thought and tricky. I also love the part where the player will be Miles.

Random thoughts while playing T&T:
Miles, why so adorable??? ラブラブ!
Pearl thinks like an adult yet she’s able to retain her childish personality.
My 2nd fave prosecutor will be…Godot of course! (≧▽≦) I like him as Godot and as Diego Armando. 😀
GumshoexMaggey? :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: Didn’t see that coming.
For some reason, is Nick still head over heels with Dahlia/Iris?
Is Morgan still in prison?
I love Nick’s inner thoughts.
In Justice for All, I hate those “psycho locks” (really Miles, it’s psyche locks (●´ω`●)ゞ) but in T&T I love solving them.
I’ll definitely miss Phoenix Wright’s game. (;^ω^A
Miles is soooo smug during his first trial. But he is still cute. hehe
I love the exchange of “objection” between Nick and Godot.

Random thoughts in Apollo Justice:
Sadly, I can’t like Apollo.。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 My eyes keep wandering on Nick and Klavier. (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆
Apollo and Trucy? They looked like kids trying to do some kiddy investigation. But I love Trucy. XD
Klavier~~~ビックリマーク ラブラブ! I’m really looking forward seeing him in this game. My 3rd fave prosecutor. haha!
Nick!! I couldn’t help squealing over him. I know younger Nick is much adorable. But the wisdom of older Nick is >/////////////////////// Why can’t I present profiles during investigations??? むっ

Random thoughts in Mile Edgeworth Investigations:
Wow so different from the other franchise. I’m quite lost on what to do.
I love Miles. Period. にひひ

Uh, that’s all for now?? I’ll be playing more of those. 😀


5 thoughts on “Ace Attorney Series”
      1. He really is! He has this aura of sophistication I never saw on Phoenix or Miles (well, slight xD). But all that sophistication and attitude were scrapped in his final scenes. So much for his coolness. haha xD

        1. XD I still couldn’t believe that he did that. ^^;; Oh well, those who smile like Kristoph are usually the dangerous types.XD

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