Sorry for spamming you today. ( ̄_ ̄ i)

I am not watching anime nor reading manga anything right now. Instead, I’m glued in watching JE concerts (ショック!), Japanese drama, and playing games on my DS. にひひ


Obviously, I’m slow in playing games (still haven’t finished playing Starry Sky (-。-;) ). I always go after the “prince” of the otome game (at least, for TMGS) so it’s Terurin. I’ll post another one about it. Currently, I’m playing Waka-sama’s route. In fairness, it’s harder than I thought. The fact that Masaki-senpai butts in every now and then is not helping either. I’m afraid I’ll be getting his ending rather than Waka-sama’s. orz

On another note, I’m also playing Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations. I’m on my 2nd turnabout. Godoooot! I finally met you! (≡^∇^≡) He has a quirk which is drinking coffee while on the trial. Miles wouldn’t have an appearance on this one, I think. That’s too bad. I want to get over this game already so I could play Apollo Justice to see the older Phoenix and Miles Investigation. べーっだ!

Talking about NDS games reminds me that I still have to continue playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village. えっ

I’ve posted on twitter asking for some favors to my followers. I think, I should post it here as well. 🙂

Dear followers, do you shop online for manga, anime dvds, cds, games? If so, please tell me which site and items available.

I’m currently compiling lists of sites where one can purchase those stuff and put it on my blog. ^_^

Thank you!


11 thoughts on “TMGS 2nd Season & Trials and Tribulations (and some favor)”
  1. ^_^ I’m amazed at the similarities of the games were playing right now. XD I’m currently playing Professor Layton, TMGS 2, and Phoenix Wright. :O And still haven’t finished any paths in Starry Sky in Spring. =3= Just dropping by. 🙂

    1. Hello. Thanks for dropping by. :))
      Wow. We’re also similar about Starry Sky. I haven’t cleared any of them yet. XDD

          1. I haven’t seen a translated version of it, too… >___< But I know I came across a direct download of all the Starry Sky Series game (although it's in parts). Hope you have a happy day..!! :))

          2. Maybe because the game is long that is why no one has translated it yet? u.u
            Hope you have a happy day too! ^_^

  2. Layton’s going to give you major headache, I tell you. Haha. XD
    But solving his puzzles are just…priceless. All the neurons fried after each puzzle… :3

    Try Miles Edgeworth: Investigations. You’d get to control a mini Edgeworth around. 🙂

    1. Exactly! 😀 But it’s quite frustrating that after solving a couple of puzzles, the story isn’t moving at all or very slowly… ^^;;

      I’ve just started playing that one. ^^ Although I missed the usual exchange of “objection” inside the court, I am enjoying the gameplay of Investigations. 😀

      1. Haha. Yeah, I agree. The slider puzzles (y’know, the ones where you move blocks to get the ball to the hole) are especially hard. >_<

        'Objection!''s been replaced by 'Eureka!' now. Hahaha. It's fun that you can now actually move throughout the place. And Kay's real cool. XD

        1. I must admit, I used a walkthrough for that one. XDD

          Oh, I haven’t met Kay in the game. ^^;; I’m still on the second case.

          1. Oops. Haha. Sorry. Can’t wait for you too meet her. She’s real cool and Little Thief’s just the best gadget ever! Hahaha. And you’ve got loads of other characters to meet so just keep on playin’! 😀

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