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Awesome Possum posts consist of random internet finds. Any blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, anything under the sun will be included here. To be clear, this won’t only include games or manga. It will be anything and everything. Some posts may not be necessarily posted this week, but I’ve only discovered about them this week.

So let’s get started.😋

Awesome Reads

Colleen Wade: The adventure starts with reading

I enjoyed reading this post and I can totally attest to this. I hope there’ll be more readers in the world.

How Manga Changed My Writing

That anxiety, that ADHD-like habits are so relatable. I tend to bounce from one activity to another, not giving myself a chance to breathe, a chance to feel, to be vacant, to let my thoughts and feelings simmer for a while. I don’t give myself that kind of chance.

I can also relate to the author’s thoughts about manga. Lately, I’ve noticed that my favorite panels, the ones that give the strongest punch are the ones that zoom in on a subtle reaction. A small movement or a change of expression can be a game-changer in the story. And it’s also true that noticing these tiny details help in writing. I tend to think of my scenes or paragraphs as a panel where I need to show that small thing that makes a big difference to the story.

The Promised Neverland Manga Enters ‘Climax’ of Final Arc

Oh wow, I think I need to go back to this series.

Manhwa titles Tower of God and Noblesse get anime adaptations

I’ve been seeing a lot of these titles lately. Noblesse seems interesting though.

Some of the PC’s best visual novels are 80% off this weekend

It’s a Spike Chunsoft sale until Monday so better grab Danganronpa and Zero Escape if you haven’t played them yet.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 7 Announced For Nintendo Switch

Uwaaa. HaruToki for Switch! There’s not much info about it yet thought. The game is scheduled for release on Spring 2020.

Too many hobbies

For years, I have struggled for a particular habit of mine — picking up hobbies left and right. I’m actually envious and sad for people who don’t have hobbies. Envious because they can afford to be bored and they have time. Sad because there are a lot of interesting things to do (rich coming from me //smacks self). So over the years, I accumulated a lot of hobbies/fandom. The thing is, each one of them is very time-consuming. Not to mention, having too many choices can make one paralyze which leads to procrastination which will then lead to guilt.

I’ve tried to narrow down things but old habits die hard. They keep on coming back when I let my guard down.

The articles above are proof of my procrastination but the good thing that comes out from them is that, to my relief, I’m not alone. I’m not the only Jane of all Trades, Master of None. I’m not the only hoarder of knowledge, the one who fears FOMO. Knowing that is both comforting and reassuring.

Despite that, I’m still on the quest to at least master one skill, even if it’s just one among the many. So whenever I’m tempted to become a wayward Jane again and pick up yet another hobby, I look at my desktop and read this:

Life is all about choices. As a wise person once said – you can do pretty much anything in life, you just can’t do everything.

(My drama has gone way too long. I’ll move on now. 😓)

Awesome Vids

Sims 4 builders

I’m obsessed with houses on Sims 4. My 100-baby challenge family has changed houses and locations 4 times, within the span of 18 kids. And they’re about to move again! These YouTubers above are my recently discovered builders. They are AMAZING. I’m never a builder for I can’t, for the life of me, design a thing much less build a house.

That’s it~! Have a good weekend! 😘


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