Title: ドラマティカル マーダー リコネクト
Company: Nitro+CHIRAL
Release Date: April 26, 2013
Platform: PC
Official Site: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/dmmd_re/
Walkthrough: You don’t need one 8D

Finally! Finally!! FINALLY!!! o/ asdkfjslkghalk

After the long wait, it’s finally hereeeee! Both the fandisc and my post! /o/ The fandisc of DRAMAtical Murder which was released last year. The FD picks up what happened after the bad and good ends in the original game.

OMGOMGOMG you have no idea how much I squealed when I started the game lolol. The preface this time have this 8-bit feel, very much like the game that Aoba played before. There are lots of added extras here such as the card game, the birthday presents from Aoba, etc. Make sure you check those out!

As you can see, there are lots of portals. Each colored portal corresponds to a specific guy. The white one (the one near Mizuki) and the light blue one (above Aoba) only appears when you finish the endings of the 5 guys including the one with Virus and Trip. As you finish even a single end from one guy, you’ll get those characters. For a pleasant surprise, hover your cursor above any character and you’ll see something like this. :3

If you are wondering what are those chest boxes for, it contains a lot of extras in the game like countdown voices, (special) gallery, Aoba’s presents, mini-game, liner notes etc. Once you enter a portal, the inside part looks like this:

Can you guess whose port is this? x3

The white umbrella represents the good end from the original game and the black one is for a bad end. Most guys have 2 sub-ports, I think, other than Virus and Trip.

I usually list the walkthrough sites for each game. But for re:connect, you don’t actually need one because you’ll have to eventually pick both choices to get the CG. It is basically a different position for scenes 8D. So don’t forget to save when an option appears!

N+C brings back Ai Catch! <3 Not as an opening song this time but as a bgm. The new opening entitled, Cosmocall, is also good. The new lineup of ending song for each characters are still very catchy and lovely. All of them are my faves (though you could have guessed that I’m slightly biased with Crystalline nyahaha) And oh my gods, they even brought back Immer Sie. AAAHHHH

/breathes in breathes out

Beautiful art as always. Oh and not just beautiful this time but also maji 2000% sexy especially Aoba. I wouldn’t expand on that but you’ll see every side and angle of him /snickers. Though there is this one CG in Noiz’ route in why I go “Who are YOU?! ∑(゜Д゜;)” when it appeared because well, they look like somebody else.

Speaking of sexy, all of the routes from the first game contains sex. Yep ALL. Even the bad ends. While I find it tiring to watch scenes after scenes, I’m also happy that N+C does not compromise the story. The plot and the raburabu parts are written nicely without making it all rushed and all. What’s surprising is that when you thought they couldn’t go on with the bad ends, they’ll prove you that you are dead wrong. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  N+C gives you more insights instead. And I’m not complaining. 8D

And since most CGs are R-18, it’s hard to choose a proper image for this post. I can’t even post my fave CGs sobs. wwww



<Isn’t it nice to see the point of view of the guys other than Aoba? I’m glad that it happened in most of the bad end.

Pain and pleasure are two very different things but you can attain them at the same time. Beast!Koujaku and other!Aoba showed that. I’m glad that other!Aoba showed here. Other than being hot, he is a good-guy-gone-wrong. I feel that we need to know more about him.

The two of them is freed from their pasts as Koujaku moved on and Aoba decided to cut his hair short in which I find hotter. Koujaku is already good-looking with his usual hair/bangs covering half of his face. But him with his hair brushed up + that serious look = yabai. (///u///)

Aoba is extremely cute here especially the part where he said he’ll go take a bath and told Koujaku not to peek. But then added, “…I don’t mind if you do”. AHAHAHA OMG Aoba. These two have become bakakuppuru that they are giving off pink hearts and flowers around them. XDD

About the past, I…actually forgot about it lol. I thought after fighting off Ryuuhou (oh crap the way Koujaku growl Ryuuhou’s name is echoing in my ears), everyone is happy and moved on. But nooo. There is still the tattoo that is a reminder of the past. And I’m happy that they have addressed that (or else I forgot it completely ><;;). It was a well-thought explanation and is a nice closure for them to look forward to their futures.


Since he can’t feel pain, he just goes into fights right then and there. He doesn’t worry about pain. In return, he doesn’t understand it if his companion is in pain too. He doesn’t even know he is being hated because of it. Even his parents hated him for it. They are the type who puts front and is prideful. They wouldn’t even let him near his younger brother. He is imprisoned in his room located in the big house where he would cry alone. He stopped relying on other people and believed only to himself. Accidentally, he discovered that his tongue can feel pain thus he pierced it. Then he learned about rhyme and tried it for the sake of knowing pain.

I wanted to see this brother he is talking about and question him why didn’t he stand up for his big brother. Kidding www. Though I’m just curious to see how he looks like.

Gaaaahd. This has the most painful sex I’ve ever seen. The one Clear had in the original game is painful in an emotional level that it is heart-breaking. This one is just painful that I feel like letting a scream along with Aoba’s. But then again, the pain and pleasure theme comes in again, especially since for Noiz, they are one and the same feeling.

While Aoba is awkward with Koujaku, he is flustered with Noiz. Maybe because he can’t predict what will happen next. With Noiz’ actions, Aoba thought he’s a new breed of person pfft. I only have 2 complains in this route. One, we didn’t get to see them in Germany. Two, I don’t quite like the 2nd good end option. Although it redeemed itself after but still… I’ve seen other ukes being tied up and I’m not as affected as I am with Aoba. When I see him weak, I just can’t take it. It is painful. I had to replay the first option to remove that image.

Some of Noiz’ piercing have been removed…other than the one in his ahem. lol He has the nerves to ask Aoba if he’ll remove it or not and he is asking Aoba since the latter seems to love it. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

It’s like I’m stepping in a different, deeper realm when I play Mink and Clear.


Oh gahd. Aoba is the most gorgeous lead ever *O*

Bad end

other!Aoba’s POV?!!!

I liked how they put other!Aoba more on Mink’s part. It feels like Mink’s strong spiritual, emotional, and mental resolved is at par to this stubborn side of Aoba. Their ideals clashes which reveals us more about other!Aoba. He is like a rebellious kid doing wrong deeds to be noticed. And the only way to save him is to die for his soul to be free or at least that is what Mink thought.

Good end

Of all the characters in DMMD, Mink needs this continuation badly. I know that there are probably more haters than fans of Mink out there. With this route, I hope you get to change your perception about him. He is not bad as we have perceived him. That is his intention. But deep down, he is a good and caring guy. This route just proves how mature he is. Sure, his ways are not easily understandable and he appears cold and insensitive to others but he doesn’t do it because he felt like it or is a plain jerk. But Mink is not an easy guy to deal with. He is too strong-willed. That’s where Aoba comes in. Aoba breaks all of Mink’s resistance with his unwavering persistence to catch up to him. Then we finally hear about Mink’s side.

Although honestly, there is this part where I thought that the chasing will never end. That it will just be a cycle. Of course, I feel bad for Aoba as always.

Then Mink said this:


crap. That ending is the sweetest thing. And Aoba in the native attire is wonderful. ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡

That was some closure for Mink. It was a job well done. :Db


Clear bby~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Bad end

Clear T_T

Aoba just want to fulfill Clear’s wish. So he choose to just give in to whatever Clear wants. As Aoba nears a doll-like state, Clear nears humanization. They never meet halfway. They never compromise, or rather there is nothing to compromise with…which is heartbreaking. (I’m not sure if you will get this as I think I was vague in this sentence. Sorry u.u)

Good end

Aoba: “本とはもっと、ずっと、いくらでも待っていたい”

— Eeeeeee. Aobaaaaaaa <333333
“Fear of death is not because it will be the end of everything. It is what you will leave behind.”

Funny that I have to learn that from a robot. Clear ponders on things that most of us, humans, take things for granted. For him, those things are important.

Clear because he resembles jellyfishes. A transparent lifestyle. Just like Clear’s heart. He is as pure as his looks. Even his point of view in this world is so transparent. He is really like…an angel from up above. wwww

Everything is explained here. Why he loves those shiny objects, the jellyfish, the umbrella etc. And I love how N+C make those seemingly random things important to the characters. Not just in Clear’s route, but everywhere in the game.

ASDAFKLAJ the ending song is Crystalline. It’s like Clear. Transparent, fragile, and precious. CRIES

–These are my thoughts while playing the route and I’ll leave it as it is. Unless you want to see me gross sobbing over this route and write more incoherent words. lol

Trip and Virus

I don’t include an image for them as I hate them with a passion. :))

Your omocha/ningyo route

So what did I say before about this two especially Trip during the original game? I sorta like him?! That’s MADNESS. These two are, idk, hopeless? No, wait, they are not human (Clear bby is more human than them

“This is not what I wish” – Aoba /cradles Aoba while sobbing

Every day they do something to Aoba, different horrible things. For instance, when Aoba disobeyed, Virus locked him up in a closed cage for 3 f*cking days. The hell dude.

While I understand that Aoba is frigging sexy that you want to lavish all of him, leave your freaking all-mate’s out during sex! GDI

Probably the lack of a good end for this two so it’s long. And N+C have to discuss some past and whatnots about these two. I am trying to think of what could be a representation of Trip and Virus but I am so pissed with these two that I stopped thinking about it.


Bad end

He was once another part of Aoba: Aoba, him and other Aoba. When there was a problem with the stabilization, he thought he needed to tell it to Aoba but he can’t talk to him anymore. Thus the all-mate. Then he realized that he loves Aoba. At first, it’s like loving yourself. Thought he IS Aoba, he has a different will. The more he tries to stop his feelings, the more the feeling gets stronger. But that feeling is a sin.

–Gahd I love this monologue. This is the bittersweet side of story of Ren. You’ll see how much he truly and deeply cares for Aoba.

Good end

Ren has the hottest scene like Aoba is giving everything. While the other ones are hot, with the exception of Clear which I find serene and beautiful… wait wrong route to talk about that ahaha. Okay, as I was saying, the other ones are erotic but when it comes to Ren, it is as if Aoba has become an aggressive uke for their scenes. Maybe because Aoba doesn’t have any reservations when it comes to Ren and that he throws all of his hesitations aside. He only needs to feel and confirm that Ren is by his side now anyway.

I liked how they addressed about doing it while Ren has Sei’s body. It still looks like doing it with your brother (a twin no less). Although somehow, I keep on wishing that human!Ren will have the same form as online!Ren. Well, other than online!Ren being a hottie that he is, human!Ren seriously needs a haircut (and some more muscles). I understand that he is still adjusting in his new body. Perhaps give him some years and he’ll reach his online form.

What doesn’t change is the fact that Ren is still our adorable puppy no matter what.

After Ren’s route, two more portals will open.


It is a pleasant surprise to see Mizuki again and clear all of their misunderstandings and moved on. Mizuki is a really good guy and it would be a waste to have an FD and not give him a bit of spotlight.

While I was playing this, I try to shove the thoughts of sudden accidental kisses in this one since that would be sooo sudden. I guess that is the effect of watching to much scenes that you begin to think another one will pop out lol. Mizuki and Aoba have this sweet bromance around them. If Aoba will have an older brother (no Sei is not counted ;D), Mizuki definitely fits the bill.

Last route!

…that isn’t the actual title but I already forgot what it is so forgive meeee

/oggles Nine

I was both happy and sad by the time I finished playing Ren because that is really the end of DMMD. But no, N+C is kind enough to give us Aoba’s past.

ASDFLKASJDFKJHFLKSAJDF young Aoba is SOOO ADORABLE. I want to squish him! No wonder everyone is taken in by him. His father, Nain or Nine or whatever (I’ll stick to Nine because it looks better lol), is hot. Not the sexy hot like Aoba but he exudes manly pheromones around him ww. And Haruka is a nice lady. She complements Nine’s eccentric personality. It isn’t hard to imagine why Aoba broke down after his parents left. I mean, they’ve always been his anchor ever since they took him in. They have such a nice and heart-warming family even if none of them are blood-related.

Also, this route strengthens the message that they have been reiterating since the original game: you can destroy your old world and create a new one. That life has boundless possibilities. It will only be the end if you have given up.

Wrapping Up!

Why do you have to make me fall in love over and over AND OVER again in this series N+C?

Re:connect has everything that you wanted: freebies aka added side-features, gallery, etc, answer to every question, and hot scenes. Everything is just awesome. And Clear is wonderful asldfjasl. lol


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  1. Yaaaay~ I don’t have much to say since I pretty much agree with your comments. <3 This post basically revived my DMMd feels. /o (Asdlkajsdlaksjd Clear ;w;)

    Btw, idk if it's my browser but some of the images look stretched…?

    1. Aakldfjlsk Clear~ ;w;

      I’ve just checked and I think WP did that D8. Especially the images that has captions on them. I’ll try to change the image size then~
      Thanks for telling me! 😀

    1. That’s weird. Their portals should appear after you have finished all the endings including Trip and Virus. Is your menu the like the one I have posted above? All the portals and characters are there?

      1. @@ Ehhh~!! Oh oh… I forgot Virus is missing in map… LOLZ I dunno that there are 2 twins….. Gomen….. m(-.-)m

  2. Can you help me? I already ended Noiz route (good and bad ending, both of those) and I don’t get Noiz character on the map.. why is that so? Did I do something wrong? I check library and I don’t have pic number 5 in Noiz route, don’t know why.. what I can do about it?

    1. In the good ending, did you only choose one option? To get the other CG, you have to choose the options presented. It will still lead to a good ending, just a different position in the CG. XDD

  3. OMG your review presents exactly everything that I thought, too!!! 😀

    Yeah, I thought I was the only one who thought the Noiz route was kind of weird, with the first choice being better than the second one, since the first one they actually talk about their problems (even though Noiz has to humiliate Aoba first -_-), whereas the second one just kinda skipped it. Plus I kinda liked it better when Noiz had all the piercings, feels weird with them off, and I was so looking forward to seeing them go to Germany together but they didn’t show it! D:

    I hate Trip and Virus with a passion, too. Other people think they’re the sexiest, but I hate Trip and Virus D<

    And yes yes yes!!! I loved the Mink route, he seems like such a more caring person in Reconnect compared to the first game .<

    With the last part showing the story with Aoba and his parents, somehow I kinda wished that they would have something where they show Aoba with all the guys together looking at butterflies, that'd be kawaii~ xD

    Thank you for writing your review, I loved reading it!!! <3

    1. Hi hi! 😀

      Yeah, it’s like Noiz is a regular salaryman lol. A completely different person without the piercings! XD Too bad we didn’t get to see them in Germany. 🙁

      They could have been the sexiest in the game. I mean, they are both bishie potential. But the other guys treasured Aoba. Unlike them. 🙁

      Now that’s everything is over, we finally get to see the real Mink! o/ He is just a wonderful being even if his ways are difficult to understand. ;;;

      Ikr XD I thought there would be a scene like that too. It would have been sweet! <3

      You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

      1. Hey! Thank you for replying! :3 .<' Seems like Trip likes Virus or something, since he copies and follows him in every way to the point that they look like twins.

        Anyways, just wanted to mention that the other day I found out that Nitro + Chiral published this book called "Summer Side Stories" (last year lol) where they tell the stories of each good route (no Trip and Virus, yay!!!) after Reconnect (they even tell the story of Noiz and Aoba in Germany, too I think). It's in Japanese, but the English translation is coming soon around October or something. So if you didn't know, you should check it out!

        I personally can't wait, I'm so excited! 😀

        1. The two of them have a really complicated relationship. I give up understanding these guys. XD I used to think that Trip must be nuts for copying Virus. lol

          I didn’t know that :O. But OMG that’s super great news! Last week I learned that there’ll be drama CDs for each guy, then re:code for vita, and now the book! /o/ More DMMD goodies yay! Thanks for telling me. 😀

          1. 😀 No Problem! :3

            Yeah, even Mink is more easier to understand than Virus & Trip =.=’ I’ve been looking around and it seems like quite a few people like Virus (I mean I like the way Virus looks, but I hate his guts so much) but nobody cares about Trip lol!

            I heard about the Drama CDs, too! Sucks that I don’t understand Japanese though >.<' I was kinda excited for Re:code as well, until I learned that it's basically like the first Dramatical Murder but with all the yaoi scenes taken out. Dramatical Murder is still a good game anyways, so even with the yaoi taken out I bet it's still going to be just as good. That's probably why they aired the anime this summer (no yaoi in it either); to serve as advertisement for the vita game :p

          2. Whaaat!? Trip looks waaay better than Virus lol. Virus looked like the resident arrogant jerk and a scheming bastard. 8D /kicked

            Yeah, N+C did that with Togainu no Chi before when they ported it to PSP. They had taken away the scenes and made the game R-15. Too bad they’re doing it again in DMMD. But I wonder how they will show the bad ends for the guys if there’s no smex. Or there will cut the CGs?

          3. Lol! Hmm I don’t know, maybe people like Virus because he looks sophisticated with glasses. I also saw people say they like Virus because he seems to treat Aoba better than Trip … but to me I think they both treat Aoba equally as bad >_< Makes me think even more that Virus and Trip are perfect together and should hook up, and leave Aoba alone! xD

            Yeah, I remember watching Togainu no Chi…I should've played the game first before I watched it though. The bad endings for Dramatical Murder (not Reconnect) don't really have too much sexually explicit scenes, except for the bad ending with Trip and Virus, so I think they'll leave those scenes in there (except for Virus and Trip lol). For the rest, I think they'll just take out the sexy scenes and replace them with more innocent ones, similar to what they did in the anime maybe.

          4. Ah, right. Trip has that elegant/nerdy aura lol. He’s using his brains more, probably to think of different ‘ways’ to treat Aoba. 8D /kicked
            Ahahaha. TripxVirus pairing might not be so bad. Can’t wait to see who tops who. ;D

            Or perhaps just play the game instead. xD Well, true, but some are a little too difficult to remove because they deal/talk about the situation while doing it lol. Just like when other!Aoba did it with Koujaku or the human feelings of Clear while Aoba was responsive to his touch, or the painful sex Noiz had with Aoba. DD:

          5. Lol I’d imagine Trip as the seme and Virus as the uke xP Mostly because Trip is bigger and stronger looking.

            Yeah, I’m thinking of playing Togainu no Chi later when I have time.

            Hmm, I guess they might just replace the CGs in Dramatical Murder: Recode then. It might be less interesting for us yaoi fans but maybe other people will like the more innocent scenes. Or maybe they’ll make the game exactly like the anime. In the anime they cut out a bunch of things, replaced them, and moved a lot of things around, too.

            Is it just me or did you change the design for your blog? Lol. I like it, and the pictures look more bigger and high definition, too :3 Awesome!

          6. At one point, I imagined Trip to be the top too. xD

            Idk, but it lessen the emotional effect? Like that scene with Clear in the anime. It’s painful but not the same level as in the game. It’s kind of hard to explain. ;;;;

            I did. I’ve been using the previous theme for a year now, got tired of it now. XD Glad you liked it! ^^

          7. Yeah, I think I know what you mean. In the anime I still teared up a little during the Clear episode, but in the game…the Clear routes in the game made me cry…a lot lol (especially the bad ending in Reconnect >_< ).

            That reminds me, the Ren route/episode is coming up next in the anime, which means Virus and Trip are going to show up D:

            Cool! This theme looks really kawaii~ <3

          8. I think the game gives a lot of improvement and attachment to the characters (not just the smex XD), unlike with the 1-ep per chara in the anime. It feels rush :(. (and no don’t get me started with the bad end lololol)

            I want to see the scene where all of Aoba will meet. XD Aobaxother!AobaxRenxSei www

            Virus and Trip… donotwant.jpg 😀

          9. Yeah, the game definitely gives more scenes and content between Aoba and each of the other guys. I felt the anime rushed things a lot, too, but I guess they just wanted to make everyone happy by kind of showing all the good endings possible within 12 episodes lol.

            I think they might show that as the last episode, where Aoba meets Ren, Sei, and other Aoba XD

            “Virus and Trip… donotwant.jpg” LOL! It’s funny how they show the EXACT same scene from the game in the anime for those two (except for Aoba sitting locked up in a chair o.o).

          10. Yes yes. I guess that’s the downside of trying to give everyone a chance in spotlight when there are 5 routes to focus on. 12eps are not enough! lol

            I’ve just watched this week’s ep! XD I’m so happy the twins finally meet and so excited for Ren’s ep. Though I feel like weeping when I saw Clear. lol

            True! XD I guess they wanted to replicated the CGs in the game. 😀

          11. Lol yeah! I’m interested to see how the last episode goes. For me, the last episode of the series either makes or breaks the entire series. Hopefully they make the last episode a good one.

            It’s weird how in the anime they didn’t fully fix Clear haha, he’s just all broken and bandaged. 😛

            I noticed the best looking scenes in the anime so far are the ones where they were taken directly from the game >.< The other scenes for some reason kind of seem poor quality, but I'm assuming this is a low budget anime, so I guess this is the best they can do at this point lol. Can't wait to see the season finale 😀

          12. OMG sorry for the super late reply ><;;;;;;;

            How was it? I haven't watched it yet…

            I was surprised that Noiz temporarily fixed him. lol I mean, wasn't he completely broken that only pros like Tae can fix him? xD

            I've noticed that too! XD It's just sad that they did it again. Have you seen Togainu no Chi anime? Idk but N+C games turned anime have that kind of quarity www. If I don't really love the series, I wouldn't be able to finish the anime. XD

          13. Just watched the last episode, and it wasn’t bad. It basically combined all the good endings from every character lol. The part with Ren and Aoba together made me cry though (again) >.<

            Haha I know right? Then all of a sudden Clear is totally fixed and they don't really mention how xD

            Omg yeah I remember watching the Togainu no Chi anime. The last episode of that series was soooo poor quality, a lot of people complained about it. I feel like for Dramatical Murder though the first and last episodes (except for the fighting scene…which I felt was kinda blurry o.O) were better quality than the other ones. Lol same here, if I didn't play the game I'm not sure if I could've finished watching the anime.

          14. Ahaha me too, I’ve just watched it. XD It was okay, right? It felt just right, like everything fell in their correct places. I was soooo glad they showed the ‘new’ Mink lol. OMG me too! I even squealed ahaha. And idk why, but I also squealed when the twins called Aoba. lol weird XD

            True XD Clear was magically fixed. /sigh the anime really lacked the oomph we experienced in the game. Am I asking a lot? lol

            Wow you finished it! I couldn’t continue watching past ep 3 >_<. Even if I wanted to see more of Shiki-sama XD. Maybe they felt that the most important ones were the first and last eps so they made it beautiful? xDD

          15. Yeah, even though it obviously wasn’t as good as the game, I liked the last episode, it was a lot better than I expected XD I also love it when endings include everyone :3 (even those creepers Virus and Trip lol)

            Nah, you’re not asking a lot, I totally agree, and I think everyone that’s watched the anime AND played the game would agree with you, too :p but it was a short 13 episode series so I guess that was the best N+C could do at this point lol. Yeah, maybe since people mostly remember the first and last episodes they tried to make those the most awesomest looking episodes 😀

            I mostly finished watching Togainu no Chi because I kept hoping for something better to come along after each episode…lol like after one episode I would think “hmm ok maybe the next episode would be better” and so on…until the end, which totally sucked LOL. I still have yet to play the game though, I’m betting that the game is so much better. And yes yes yes!!! Shiki is the sexiest character, besides Akira XD

          16. I agree esp since they showed some glimpse of reconnect (which made me extra happy ahaha). o/

            Better be remarkable in the first and last episode eh? XD Though at least it didn’t leave a bitter taste in us. XD

            OMG after all the anticipation, it didn’t get better lmao. From what I heard, it was good. Though of course, the PSP ver didn’t contain the mature scenes lol. OMGG ShikixAkiraaaa lol

          17. XD After watching the anime I feel like playing Dramatical Murder again loool!

            Hopefully when I get time to play Togainu no Chi, Shiki & Akira get together, because if they don’t, I’ll be reallyyyyyyyyy upset >.< I think they're the only pair I'm interested in seeing in the entire game.

            Yeah N+C seems to do that with all the games that they release for PSP. I'm interested in trying all of their games…except Sweet Pool, which I know a lot of people said was really good, but I heard that the game has absolutely NO good endings, and the "true" ending is just as depressing as the bad endings T_T

          18. Me too! XD Too bad my laptop can’t play any sounds. ><;;;

            I'm spoiled by their end and it's…… ww

            I heard that DMMD is on a lighter note than the rest of N+C games. T_T That's what's keeping me from playing their other games. lol

            Is Sweet Pool the one with 'meat'? ww

          19. Yeah I know right? I heard people who’ve played all the N+C games saying that DMMD wasn’t “dark” enough for them, and I was thinking “what??? DMMD was awesome!!!”. So yeah apparently the rest of the N+C games are really dark (which is why I’m so glad DMMD was my first BL game XD).

            Yep, Sweet Pool is the one with the “meat”. I was bored one day and decided to search up screenshots of the “meat” on Google … and it wasn’t pretty lol. After seeing all the bad endings from DMMD, I doubt the other games can get any worse, except for Sweet Pool. I’m not sure if I can handle the “meat” lol.

          20. Exactly! XD We’re the fortunate ones for being DMMd as our first BLge. lol

            loooool At one point I thought the art is pretty despite the dark palette of color… until I discovered the ‘meat’. XD I heard Lamento is pretty good too, plus the catboys and all. ww

          21. I have no idea how I would’ve felt towards BL games if I didn’t play DMMD first and played some other disturbing BL game instead haha.

            XD I know, the only thing making me consider playing Sweet Pool is the fact that the art looks nice. Apparently Lamento is slightly dark, but it seems weird that it’s dark considering there’s cute kitty boys lol.

          22. OMG how could I miss you comment? I’m so sorry >_<

            Ahaha yeah, DMMD gave us a real nice BL game experience. 😀 Dark story with cute kitty boys XDD Are you playing anything atm? 🙂

          23. Hee hee it’s okay :3 We’re starting to run out of BL things to talk about anyway lol. I haven’t had time to start a new BL game, because I KNOW that I would just get hooked and play non-stop haha. So I’m just playing some otome games during my spare time. What about you? Are you playing anything lately?

          24. What otome games are you playing? Same here~ though even if I wanted to play any PC games, I wouldn’t be able to since my laptop doesn’t have audio lol. I’m playing P3P atm. 😀

          25. Cool! I’ve heard of the Persona series but I haven’t played them myself, seems pretty awesome though. 😀

            Yeah I know what you mean. My desktop computer audio doesn’t work either, but for some reason when I plug in headphones that uses USB connection then the audio works o_o’ Otherwise it’s just silent if I try to use the speakers or any other type of headphones.

            I’m playing these small visual novels, one called Halloween Otome (’cause it was Halloween a few days ago lol) and this other short one called Juniper’s Knot (not sure if it’s otome though). I record some readings of visual novels on my tiny Youtube channel on my spare time (not BL games though, that’s for me to enjoy privately hee hee), here are the links if you want to check them out lol :3

            Juniper’s Knot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC2v5wxUQBw
            Halloween Otome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRNSm0lQiP8

          26. Hi hi!

            My laptop got busted and I couldn’t find the time to fix it due to work hence the late reply /cries. It’s finally fixed but still no sound lol.

            Weird o.o I guess I’ll try USB headphones and see if it also works for my laptop. XDD

            Ooh. Are they scary? Cause I’m a scaredy cat. lmao. Have you heard of Corpse Party? I tried that one before and dropped it because I was too scared to continue. www

          27. It’s okay, glad your laptop is fixed now! 😀

            Nope, Juniper’s Knot and Halloween Otome are not scary, they’re like, really cute otome visual novels with halloween-ish themes lol (Juniper’s Knot = demons, Halloween Otome = dating sim with people in Halloween costumes).

            Omg I’m playing Corpse Party right now, but lately I’m getting frustrated with the gameplay because I keep getting the wrong endings! =_=’ I thought I finally finished the first chapter the other night, but nope. Turns out I got another wrong ending and now I have to replay the entire chapter. Yeah Corpse Party is really scary ='( but once you get past all the fear, not only is it scary, but it’s extremely depressing. That’s why I spread out the gameplay, so I play it like, once every 2-4 weeks or something so I don’t get too scared or feel like I’m stuck in a pit of despair lol…

          28. Oooh sounds cute! Will watch them on my next rest day! 😀

            Corpse Party is like a pit of frustration and despair. xD Which CP are you playing btw? I played the first one (I think? lol) and almost threw my PSP when after all of my efforts to follow the guide religiously I ended up getting a bad end. The bad end that scared the hell out of me. lolol

          29. Lol yeah there’s so many versions of Corpse Party, I had trouble deciding which one I wanted to play. I’m playing the first one of the series made for PSP. To be honest I wanted to play the PC version but I couldn’t get a hold of it =/

            I know right? I hate how when you get a wrong ending Corpse Party makes you back track so far since the game is so long >.< lol the bad endings are so disturbing. I still have yet to see what a good ending is like. :'( Now you're scaring me, because I'm following a walkthrough religiously, too, and on the page it says something like "follow these steps exactly and you should get the good endings". I hope the walkthrough I'm using is a good one and isn't going to screw me over … every time I see the "wrong end" screen and hear that stupid wrong end music on Corpse Party it makes me want to rage lol.

          30. There’s a PC ver of Corpse Party? :O

            It might have been only me thought lol. The guide said “go to the cabinet” but there’s like 2 (?) cabinet there on the clinic. I chose the closest to my character and bam bad end. www So to save myself (and my PSP xD) from raging, I tried avoiding this game. XD

          31. Lol! Omg I HATE the clinic/infirmary/nurses office part! It took me around half an hour to finally get past that stupid part with the dark shadow chase scene. Yeah my walkthrough says the same thing, too, that you have to get the alcohol from the cabinet, but it wasn’t specific on which cabinet or how to even get it. Apparently after getting the wrong ending multiple times I realized that there’s a sequence: something like you have to try to escape by going to the door first, then trying to throw a match at the door, then go to the cabinet (I think the one closest to the door), and then throw the alcohol that you got from the cabinet and the matches at the door to escape. I was so happy once I finally got past that stupid part, but now since I found out that near the beginning of the game I didn’t read the newspaper on the ground, I got the wrong ending for the entire chapter and have to play the entire chapter all over again…including the clinic/infirmary part *cries*

            Yeah there’s a PC version of Corpse Party, apparently the PSP version of Corpse party is based on the PC version, so I think the PC version is a bit longer and has more scenes but I’m not sure.

          32. OMG so that’s it? /facepalm
            That’s quite tedious though but if that will save me from the horrors of a bad end then I’ll do it. lol
            /pats And even after you’ve ‘mastered’ the infirmary part. I think that’s another downside of CP. If you missed a single clue/item, you are forever doomed (at least in that chapter! XD).

            That also means larger photos of the ghosts, yes? Thanks but I’ll pass. XDD

          33. Lol yeah, but since CP is a horror game, I bet the good endings are not all that different from the bad endings. I don’t know lol, I’ll have to see a little later since I’m planning on picking up CP again >.<'
            *sigh* that's the one thing that kind of ticks me off about CP, is that it's so full of tricks and traps. It's like the developers of the game wanted to troll everyone playing it or something.

            Haha! I'm not sure if the pictures are bigger in the PC version, not sure if it's full screen, but yeah I'm willing to bet that the pictures are bigger. Definitely bigger than a PSP screen xD

            I noticed that it seems like snow flakes are falling on your blog screen. I'm pretty sure it's not my imagination lol. If there actually are snow flakes then that looks so cool! 😀

          34. Ooh tell me how it goes! :DD I don’t I’ll ever play that again but goodluck! 😀
            Will you play other CP games?

            Yup! Since it’s that time of the year again, I have set my WP settings to have snow flakes automatically every year. 😀 Glad you liked it!

          35. I finally finished the first chapter lol! The “good” ending was exactly like the bad ending but with more or less extra scenes >_<' I kind of knew it, but at the same time I was hoping the good ending would be more different. I posted the ending of the first chapter on Youtube, although it's creepy and sad at the same time so I'm not sure if you'll be interested lol.
            After playing a bit of CP I'm not sure if I'm going to play the sequel or any other games, but I don't know, if the end of the entire game changes my mind then I might play the other CP games.

            Awesome! The snow flakes are a nice touch 😀

          36. Ooh! I’m gonna watch it on your channel then! 😀

            The sequels are a little different than the first game, I think. Like, in the first game you see the characters walking around while the succeeding games (or at least the 2nd game??) you go through the floors as if you are the one walking through them. Sorry I don’t know how you call the change in “views” ^^;;;.

          37. Cool! Hope you enjoy watching it! 🙂

            I just finished the game the other day…CP is probably the most disturbing game I’ve ever played. Even watching the scenes with Aoba, Virus, and Trip in DMMD: Reconnect was more better than some of the things that I saw in CP >_<' That might change though if I ever decide to check out Sweet Pool.

            Oh, so like the point of views change? Yeah I read that the sequels and stuff change a lot compared to the first game of CP. I think I also read that the second game is more visual novel based and point & click rather than using the arrow keys to move (I guess kind of like Pheonix Wright, I can't think of any other game title lol). The third game is for PS Vita and uses 3D backgrounds and sprites. The changes every time are so weird lol.

            I noticed you changed your background again, very kawaii! XD

          38. Could you give me the link to your Youtube channel again? I accidentally deleted my bookmarks. >_<

            Really? O.O And that's a 'good' ending of the game? :O

            Yup that's it! Sort of Ace Attorney feel. XD I've seen the trailer for the Vita and it looks hella difficult and waaay creepy. lol I got scared just by watching it. XD

            Yup! 😀 It's a new year so new bg too. Fufu

            Happy 2015 to you! 😀

          39. The link to my Youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/PureSpringLotus
            To see the entire gameplay of CP just click on the playlist on the front page there XD. It gets really disturbing the more deeper into the game though, just warning you >.<' It's been a couple days since I finished the game and I still feel disturbed when I think about it.

            Have you read the light novel called Summer Side Stories for DMMD: Reconnect yet? The English translation finally came out a couple of days ago and I read it over New Years. I loved it! 😀 I especially like the chapters on Noiz and Clear :3

            Also, if you haven't already, there's this "Chiral Night Dive into DMMD" video that I didn't know existed until a few days ago lol. It's from this concert in Japan held two years ago JUST for DMMD! I didn't think they even had live concerts for BL VNs but apparently they do lol. It's mostly just extra scenes from stuff that occurs after Reconnect and live performances from the singers who sang the songs that were in the game. Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet: http://dmmd-support.tumblr.com/post/71253655964/watch-online-the-chiral-night-2-0-mini-scenes
            You should definitely check this out before you read Summer Side Stories.

            Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂

          40. Currently watching your CP playthrough. I cheated though, only watching the final video. 😛 It still creeps me out. At the same time, it intrigues me. XD But damnnn, this game is bad for my heart. lol

            OMG I forgot about that! >_< How are the stories?

            Ooh, I think I saw that Night Dive title in one of the reconnect's, uh, settings? But didn't know it was a concert. XD Thanks for the updates!

          41. No problem! I hope you enjoyed watching. Yeah, it took me a while to get over the creepy parts lol.

            Summer Side Stories was really short, about around 60 something pages I think, but I really liked it. The stories were so cute. I liked Noiz’s chapter because it was the only chapter with a bit more flirting in it compared to the other ones, it doesn’t have any smexy scenes in it, since it’s a light novel I guess 🙁 but it was still good. It also talks about how Aoba is doing in Germany, how he met Noiz’s family, and how he’s learning German XD

            I liked Clear’s story, too because it was funny, and just soooo kawaii. You know, since it’s Clear 😛

            Yeah, in the game that I had, it only had Night Dive 1, and the link that I just posted there is for Night Dive 2. My game didn’t have Night Dive 2 for some reason…lol.

          42. I couldn’t find the translated SSS of Clear and Mink. ; A ; I loved Koujaku’s story because it’s uber sweet. Plus, drunk!Aoba, jealous!Aoba, and angry!Aoba are all cute. XD Noiz is nice too with his sexiness sprinkled everywhere. Idk I kind of feel lonely for Aoba when he is in Germany. Weird lol.

            How’s the Night Dive? 🙂

          43. Oh whoops! I thought you already got a hold of the book lol, here’s the link to the translated version of the whole novel found on this tumblr site: http://dmmd-support.tumblr.com/
            Just scroll down to where it says Reconnect Summer Side Stories and click the download link.

            Yeah I liked the story with Aoba and Koujaku, too! They’re such a cute couple, & I really like Koujaku so it’s a win-win! XD I felt more lonely for Aoba in his story with Mink, I’m not really sure why but I think it’s because Aoba’s far away from his family and friends in Japan and there’s nothing much to do with Mink in the mountains…lol.

            The Night Dive was okay 😀 just wish Virus and Trip wasn’t in it lol!

          44. I…actually forgot about the SS so I’m not able to buy it yet. lol Thank you so much for the link! Even after reading all stories, my fave is still Koujaku’s since it’s such a fluffy story and Aoba remains in Midorijima.

            I agree with you about Mink’s story. It’s the same loneliness I felt with Noiz’s story. But at least with Noiz, they came back to Japan.

            Clear’s story is cute! I was grinning the whole time I was reading. It’s so Clear like. XD

            For some reason, Ren and Aoba felt like some old couple in their SS. lol

          45. No problem! Yeah, I really like Aoba and Koujaku as a couple, I love best friends-turning-into-lovers stories lol.

            I know right? With Aoba and Mink staying in the mountains it seems kind of depressing, even though they’re together. Wish they went back to Midorijima at least for the festival like Aoba and Noiz did.

            Clear’s was the cutest and funniest story, I love how you can always tell what Clear’s intentions are and what he’s mostly thinking, that’s probably why he’s named Clear XD

            Lol yeah, Aoba and Ren’s story had some sort of bittersweetness to it. With all the reminiscing they kept doing at the beach, it seemed a bit lonely but they were together and happy. I guess that’s what old couples do 😛

          46. True! Those type of stories never failed to make me melt in a puddle of feels. lol

            Yeah, I keep wishing for that one. But Midorijima have lots of unwanted memories for Mink so that’s why? xD

            Ahaha he’s so transparent. Clear has some of the cutest interactions with Ren too. XD

            There’s not even a kiss! Or is there? lol I forgot. But I guess they’re too busy getting nostalgic about stuff that they settle with a comforting hug instead. XD

            I wonder if there are other DMMD Side Stories…

          47. Lol! Oh yeah I forgot about Clear’s interactions with Ren. It’s funny how Clear likes petting Ren because he’s so fluffy XD (makes me want to pet Ren too).

            If I remember correctly, there wasn’t really any kisses in any of the stories except for the one with Noiz :/ Was kind of hoping for some more kinky stuffs, but oh well. At least Noiz’s chapter gave us some kind of hot necking lol.

            Hmm, I’m not sure. I think SSS are the only side stories out for DMMD right now. I think it was released last year or the year before, which is pretty recent, so they probably don’t have any other stuff besides the drama CD and the manga.

          48. Wasn’t there some kind of ‘cutesy’ kissing on Clear’s route? Like a surprise kiss?

            Lol that hot necking on Noiz’s story. Plus that drunk Aoba on Koujaku’s story is also cute xD.

            I forgot about the drama CD as well! orz Have you listened to them?

          49. Ohh yeah! There is! I totally forgot that Clear kissed Aoba. Lol I actually read that part again and it was really cute, how they’re both embarrassed XD

            Nope I haven’t listened to the Drama CDs. It’s in Japanese right? I don’t understand Japanese 🙁

            I noticed you changed your wallpaper again, looks really kawaii~ As usual 😛

          50. Hey hey. 😀 I’ve just read that there’s an OVA of DMMd and it shows all the bad endings in the game. Now I don’t know if that’s good or bad news. lol Another thing I recently found, http://dmmdresources.tumblr.com/cds has the translations. I haven’t checked them out yet though. ^^;;

            Thank you! 😀

          51. 😀 Omg thank you so much for the translations! I’ll definitely be checking them out 😉

            Yeah! I was going to tell you about it after I watched the OVA last week. I’m not really sure how I feel about the OVA…lol. It was good in that it was more explicit than the actual anime, as in the OVA showed more touching, groping, and kissing, but it wasn’t as sexy as the game. Plus, it was all the bad endings…but then I guess it’s better than no kinkiness. I found it interesting how they revolved all the bad endings in Aoba’s mind around a game of Othello lol.

            Hopefully they release another OVA with the good endings, not sure how they’ll do it though but I hope they do XD

          52. You’re welcome! 🙂 I haven’t watched it yet and have only seen the trailer. I was surprised that they used the bad ends for an OVA and I’m like WHYY xD. I mean, there could have been better alternatives than bad ends (and definitely more than Trip and Virus’s ends ahaha).
            I’ll probably watch this once I’m done re-watching Free. XD

          53. Omg I know right? I kind of stumbled upon the OVA by chance, so I was expecting to see some kinky good endings in there at least, but NOPE.

            I’ve heard of Free but I haven’t watched it. Is it good? It kind of seemed like a sporty anime so I didn’t try it out, but it seems like a popular anime within the yaoi community lol.

          54. Maybe they chose the bad endings because they could be quite meaningful? But why better graphics than the main anime. lol

            I looooooved it!! XD While it is a sport anime, the story is more of character development/growth and camaraderie. Plus bishies! <3 And yes, if you are into yaoi, Free have lots of slash pairing. lol

          55. Yeah, or maybe they chose the bad endings because it’s easier to squeeze all that into one OVA and have it all make sense in Aoba’s mind with a game of Othello? Lol who knows. Kind of seems like they’re not going to do one with all the good endings >.<

            They probably made the OVA with better graphics 'cause it had all the somewhat sexy scenes in it haha. Need to have good quality steamy scenes 😉

            I'll give Free a try then, I totally love slashable animes :p Plus there's two seasons of Free, so if the first season seems awesome, then there's more stuff for me to watch in the second season XD

          56. Doing a single good ending is not an option either. It’s like they are biased on a certain pairing or something. lol So I guess no good ending OVA for us. >_<

            I love Free S2 more though. All characters have grown on me even if I didnt care about them in s1. XD Oh, and if you ever watch it, don't forget to watch the OVA or what other people call as the 14th episode. 😀 Super loved it! XD

          57. Okay, watch season 1 and 2 of Free, and the OVA, got it. Lol thanks for the tip, I’ll try to remember. Still haven’t watched it yet, but hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

            I feel like I haven’t played a BL visual novel in a long time, even though just a couple of weeks ago I replayed a bit of Dramatical Murder lol. I’m thinking of trying Sweet Pool, even though it’s sad, but I love the art XP

          58. No problem~. Hope you’ll enjoy watching it! 😀

            Come to think of it, the only BL game I’ve ever played so far is DMMd lol. I don’t think my 30min playthrough of Miracle No-ton counts though.

            Go for Sweet Pool then! The beautiful art will be your consolation for the sad story. XD

  4. hey, I already finish Clear’s route and Koujaku’s route, but why the characters didn’t show up in the main menu ?

    1. Hey there! ^^
      Have you finished the two ends, good and bad? If you do, were you able to see the two CGs in good end? Meaning, clicking both answers in the that route.

  5. OH MAI GOD FAILLY FOUND A CLEAR (HEHE CLEAR QAQ) RUN DOWN OF THE GAME I DID ALL THE GOOD ROUTE FIRST( Clears was the best) but thank u for this run down. Question. Ren’s i did good route part one(cuz there is two goods and one bad) do i need to do all three or two (Rens bad and good) to finish the game ^w^?

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