I saw this on sale in Play-Asia for $17 so I thought why not. I’ve been wanting to play this game for ages because of its pirate theme. www The art looked good as well. Too bad that this didn’t receive a lot of positive reviews.

So far, it was fun – in an lmao-this-is-ridiculous kind of fun. I’ve only done one route and it was okay. Not so much on the romance though. The confession went like this:

Guy: Ya know, I’ve thinking about why do I like seeing your fighting face or your smiling face. I think I like you.

Rian (MC): What’s with that? You totally can’t read the mood. Even though I like you too.

Guy: /hugs You’re my woman now!

Rian: What the… okay.

Me: ( ꒪⌓꒪)

Or upon realizing Rian’s feelings:

(almost) Every character in the game: You like xxx right?

Rian: I like him!?!?!?!?!

Charas: It’s obvious when you’re with xxx.

Rian: Now that you mention it… *thinks back to her previous conversations with the guy* Yeah I like him.

Me: …

You get the idea. xD

There are 6 guys available but seeing how some of them shares some of the events, the rest of the game will be a breeze. It’s not a long game to start with. The Chart system in the game, while quite tedious, is fairly easy to get.

There. I hope the other guys are as enjoyable as my first one. (´∀`)


7 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Soukai Buccaneers”
  1. lol the confession haha, last time I am tempted to buy this game cose I like the art but the review kinda put me off in amazon seems I might buy this if cdjapan has a sale w playasia shipping cost kinda exp to me ;w;

  2. omg I can’t stand vapid games like this!! I want a deep developed romance not some “hur dur we’re on a ship together so naturally we gotta bang” shit lmaoo xDDD Glad I gave this one a pass…. :

    1. yeah lol I’m taking a break on this game because it’s getting painful to get through every route when they’re all basically the same. ;;;;

  3. lol all the confessions. you know it’s bad when the mc doesn’t even know she’s in love with the character XDDD

    that being said I’m pretty sure the MC is voiced right? is it fully voiced or is it only just some dialogue??

    1. Nope, not a single word. XD There’s a DLC for the MC’s voiced pack but you have to buy it which is a big no-no for me. ww

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