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It’s quite a tradition for game companies to post something on April Fools every year. Three years ago, Karin made a very short game for the April 1st. I forgot I have this one until I accidentally found this in one of my folders.

Psychic Rain is about Amemiya Saya whose psychic power runs wild especially on a rainy day. One particular day when there is a surge of her power, she comes across to one of the two available guys in the game. Depends on how you look at it, one guy is the good end and the other is the bad end.


Amemiya Saya – I like that she isn’t the genki, overly-annoying MC. She’s clumsy but very honest and straight-forward. Like that time when she tells Natsume that he has a villainous smile. www

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Hitotose Yuu – The childhood friend. He is one year older than her and have always stuck with Saya. Sadly, he is forgotten mid-part of the game. Where’s my obligatory childhood friend route when I need it!?

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Saionji Natsume – The delinquent type who has a moe gap. He scolds Saya when her power runs wild but comforts her afterwards. I have this ʘ‿ʘ gross face the entire time I’m playing his route. He’s got that scary, “I’m cool” face most of the time but he’s actually very sweet! Super adorbs!

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That quality… *O*

Ichinose Aoi – The resident yandere. Why does he even have a route? ( ゚д゚) He is Saya’s senior, the typical honor-student type who have this creepy smile the whole time. He reeks trouble the moment he appears.

The thing with pranks some companies pull during April Fools is that it makes you cringe knowing that it will be a one day only event. But hey, Psychic Rain is good while it lasted and I totally enjoyed my time playing it.


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  1. Whoa. The art for this game looks great. I love the fact that the main character isn’t those typical MC’s you find in many other games. I’m going to see if I can find a way to play it. 😀

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