Mattheus’ cleavage bow

From here on, I’ll be updating this blog with recently played/read games & manga. This will also be my guide in case I lost track of whatever I’m reading or playing. XD

Yesss I’ve started this game! More like, seriously play this game lol. I was playing NORN9 and decided to drop stall it for a while (who knows how would be that “a while”). I guess the pull of these princes is too strong to resist. xDD

Started the game with Mattheus’ route because I was told that it’s better to do the routes in pairs. I would have like to play him last because he is the one that I’m looking forward to (okay, other than that deadly shota 8D). He has everything that I like in my 2D guy: prince, hair color, lady-killer. A_____A

BUT I’m not saying that the other guys are pale in my eyes. They are all charming and I bet, I’d like them all (even Silvio! I’m not sure about Klaus though lol). e u e

Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish this within this year because another blonde (not sure about this lolololol I mean the hair color) waiting for me *coughTakatocough*. :3


9 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Mojuutsukai to Oujisama”
  1. ohhhh you’ve picked this! this game is highly recommended from me, coz it’s just, WONDERFUL. that’s one word how I describe it I guess. but no, with recently disappointments everywhere within otome games, I think this is a nice one. don’t forget to play the fandisk! I actually finish this in a month? or something, and it was during school days as well. that’s my snail speed so maybe you can finish it quicker!

    1. Yay! I found someone who is stalling Norn9 like me o/ lol

      I’ve been wanting to play this even before I started playing otome games. XD And I agree, this is just wonderful.EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL O/. Yep looking forward to the fd because of Mattheus’ nekid body and Erik bby |D

        1. But, unlike me, you have finished some routes right? XD

          I thought Lucia will be my least fave but noooo he proved me wrong. He’s such a sweetie~ :3

          1. I’m left with nanami and her harem xD and then sorata for the epilogue and I’m done.
            he’s a tsundere duck, which is awesome xD I like the fact that shimono voiced him as well

          2. Oooh didn’t know about Shimono. Guess I’m too focused with Midorin when I started this game lol

  2. YES. 8D Now all that’s left is for you to play Clock Zero and Jyuuzaengi~ /o/

    Well actually there’s no strict play order, but it’s just that Matheus + Alfred’s routes are similar in the 2nd half and so are Lucia + Erik’s routes. So it’s up to you on how you wanna mix the routes around with that in mind. Klaus is a nice character but they didn’t do as much for his route as for the others.

    1. YEEES and I’m excited to play those /o/

      I’ll just do it from the eldest down to the youngest and then Silvio and Klaus. I wouldn’t mind playing Mattheus’ route first since I’m pretty sure I’ll still love the game and the last main character (Erik <333). ;D

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