Title: 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~
Company: Otomate
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/jyuzaengi/
Walkthrough: http://otome.girly.jp/jyuzaengi/menu.html
Jyuuza — a derogatory term for people of Kan U’s race. Physically, they are different from humans because of their cat-like ears and superior strength. The latter causes humans to fear them. The fact that they are the successors of a youkai called Kinme strengthens this fear even more.


Due to strings of events,  the Jyuuza are forced to leave their secluded village and be involved in human affairs — by fighting in long years of war.

A friend recommends me to play Jyuuzaengi. I have my reservations at first because history = high level kanji = do not want. ww I have been avoiding history-themed (as much as I love history) games until now. I’m glad I decided to play this because it is an interesting game!

Jyuuzaengi is based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms in which I don’t have the slightest idea of what is it all about. Until this game, I honestly thought that, given the title, it is all about romance. You know, the Romeo and Juliet type of romance — a couple falls in love from warring countries and so on. lol

My ignorance aside, the story will suck you in right from the start. Before this, I have no motivation for otome game but the story is that good for me to pick up my motivation and work through this. I have been warned that this is a long game. Indeed, it is long because each character averages 9+ hours to complete. That doesn’t matter though as you don’t really notice the time while playing.

Other than the main story, there are the Momozono events wherein you can view a scene of a character/characters. If you are on a route, it will help you in increasing his affection level.

As you can see, the petals in full bloom are the ones that have already been seen. Alternatively, the small ones are those that are yet to be seen. The petals increase as you go along the story. Also included in this part is the stories of the side-characters. Though you can’t see them while in a route, Momozono is accessible in the title page.

There is also a fighting system which you will be given a tutorial in the game. This helps in increasing a characters affection and get you through the story.

Surprisingly, I don’t really like the art at first. I don’t know, it seems to me that games like L.G.S looks better. Except for Ryuu Bi because he is a real cutiepie~ Looking at the game now, the art is pretty. I love both the sprites and the CG.


This wouldn’t be an even more interesting game without its various characters. There are just so many characters here that might overwhelm you at first and they all have same sounding names which are very confusing.

My favorite side-characters are definitely the Maozoku — Kan U’s race. Despite what humans think of them, they are peace-loving individuals. They are strong, yes, but they don’t use it to overpower others. These people are kind (sometimes too kind) and generally nice people. I like them a lot that I have grown protective of them.

Their kindness is also their weakness, though. They are too trustful of other people. This will usually end up with them being used in some kind of scheme. Sometimes it frustrates me when they follow the perpetrator innocently. But that is just the way they are. Too kind to a fault.

Kan U

Kan Uuuuuu.

Kan U is the only girl fighting with the other Maozoku. She is the strongest among them yet gentle and loving to Ryuu Bi and others. She is like one of the pillars of their clan despite being a half.

Kan U~~ I love love love love looooove Kan U to bits because she is damn awesome. She is the best fighter yet still feminine. She stands on what she believes and fights for it. Kan U knows what is important for her and wholeheartedly protects it. Who cares about who her opponent would be, as long as she is able to ensure the safety of her people.

She has a deep sense of responsibility. This, however, is her bad habit. Most of the time, she shoulders all the burden to herself, even going as far as offering her services for the sake of the safety of her people. She tries to be the shield and takes the blow all by herself. It’s not a bad thing, per se. But there is a limit of what she can do. It won’t hurt to take it easy sometimes.

Chou Hi

Chou Hi is Kan U’s ‘younger brother’ who has a crush on her since forever. He’s all ‘aneki, aneki!’ to Kan U lol. While Chou Hi is indeed strong, Kan U keeps on protecting him since he often gets reckless and does things without thinking twice.

He is loud and can get annoying at first but he grows on me later on. All the guilt feelings, losses, helplessness and other experiences Chou Hi experiences help him turn from a boy to a fine man. I couldn’t help but sympathize with him as he deals with his internal problems. I’m pleasantly surprised when a manly Chou Hi appeared! He is the same baka Chou Hi yet he is not. That only added to his charm.

Noburin though wwww. One of the reasons why Chou Hi cracks me up every time is Noburin’s voice. That super energetic voice, THAT growl wwwww. But then manly Chou Hi happened and so as manly Noburin’s voice <3.

Ryuu Bi

Ryuu Bi is the head of all the Maozoku. While he is already 15year old, his body remains that of a child.

I am on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while playing this route. Ryuu Bi is so freaking cute that no sane human wouldn’t resist his charm. He is too adorable! Middle of his route, he turns clingy to Kan U. It is a turn-off but then he’ll appear on the screen with his puppy look eyes and my resolve is gone in the wind~. Then I get confused a lot of times with his ever-changing voice and personality. Like, one minute he is cute, next second he is mature, a couple of seconds later he is evil. What the hell. It’s like he has a DID or something (<- my thoughts are heavily influenced by a local telenovela about it and Dangan Ronpa ww). Though when everything’s revealed, you’ll learn that he is hurting all over and then you’ll feel hurt as well. It freaking hurts. D;

There is just too much pain that Ryuu Bi feels. Kan U and co are his playmates until everyone grows up and only plays with him to entertain him. Everyone has matured and starts protecting their clan and him. all while Ryuu Bi remains where he is. As he put it, he is left behind. That line and scene broke me.

Too much love can kill you and it is true for Ryuu Bi. Not that he is killed physically, more like he lose all his reasoning. His love has stemmed to a darker feeling. His bad end leaves me in mixed emotions mainly because of Kan U. I do feel terrible for Ryuu Bi’s feelings but I think Kan U spoils him too much. She also takes too much to herself and not relying on to Ryuu Bi nor to other Maozoku (though this could also be applied to Chou Hi’s route I think). She blames herself and just gives in instead of smacking some truth to Ryuu Bi. So I’m happy with the good end when she refuses Ryuu Bi. I also love how the two of them accepts Ryuu Bi’s every side. The ending feels real albeit bittersweet with Ryuu Bi returning to being shota. I don’t expect a wedding end like Chou Hi with Ryuu Bi’s complicated background. But being able to only meet during certain time… T_T are they moon lovers or something? D; But one can hope that someday they’ll meet, right?

Another thing that makes this a bittersweet route is that Chou Seihei /sobs. I’ve been praying and hoping during Chou Hi’s route that everyone should hopefully survive. B-buuuut… T___T Add that to the fact that they are not living peacefully with the humans. /sigh

All the pain aside, Ryuu Bi’s character is like the ray of sun in the midst of darkness. During the war, everyone’s desperate and well, all they can think of is fightfightfight to survive. Ryuu Bi, with his innocence, has made things simpler for everyone around him. In their prejudiced world, Ryuu Bi accepts people for who they are and not for what they are, whether a human or maozoku.

Chou Ryou

Chou Ryou is a loyal servant of Ryo Fu. From fighting to sewing, he’ll do anything that Ryo Fu tells him to.

His good looks and polite manner of speaking attracts most women to him. In stark contrast to his looks, he ruthlessly kills anyone — be it a woman or a child, with that calm and composed feature.

If Chou Un has his way to women through his ‘flirty’ choice of words, Chou Ryou casually touches Kan U without any ill intentions www. He is innocent in his own way like he doesn’t know the human way. Poor thing, the effect of staying to Ryo Fu’s side.

The biggest shocker though is Chou Ryou’s secret. I won’t tell it here so as to avoid spoilers :P. That explains A LOT of what happens to him in other routes. A friend of mine warns me about this and how it is similar to another game we played. Again, I won’t tell which game is that :P. Honestly, it doesn’t hit me that hard. It’s sad, yes, after knowing the truth but not so much that I’d cry (we all know by now that I’m such a nakimushi lol). Nonetheless, his route is still sweet. I liked the pacing of their relationship considering the two of them are more of a fighter and not so much on romance.

You might think that Chou Ryou would be my type but nope. He is too gentle and feminine for me. ;;; Not to mention that some of his sprites and CG look like he has chubby cheeks lol. Or it depends on his angle. Because he looks good when his face is turned to right www.

Ryo Fu’s identity is revealed here too. No wonder she knows a lot even Ryuu Bi’s lineage. But there are few questions raised in this route. Questions like how is Ryo Fu killed in other routes? I’m thinking it’s because the real power of Maozoku is more powerful than her?

Kakou Ton

Ever had a character that you adore his route so much that you are afraid to move on to other characters even if those characters are your favorites? :3

Kakou Ton is a general of Sou Sou. Early on the game, he makes it clear that he loathes all Maozoku. Kan U happens to possess two things that he absolutely hates: Maozoku and a female.

He has a cousin named Kakou En, who bashes Maozoku with him obnoxiously. They are like real brothers and Kakou En idolizes Kakou Ton greatly.

We found love in a hopeless place~. <– is what I always think while playing this. I love everything about Kakou Ton and this route. Right off the bat, sparks fly –sometimes romantically, sometimes not — from the two of them. Kakou Ton and Kan U already have this tension that makes you feel kilig (couldn’t find a more fitting English term for this www) even if they are arguing with one another. So I know, right then and there, that I will most definitely enjoy this route.

Another thing that I think added to my enjoyability is that compared to other routes, the conflict here is somewhat lighter. I mean, Kakou Ton only have to overcome his prejudice about Maozoku so not much internal conflict compared to, say, Ryuu Bi or Chou Ryou. And among the other guys, Kakou Ton stands on equal footing with Kan U. Putting the human-maozoku aside, they are both reliable, excellent warriors. They are great leaders. They both know what they goals are and will do anything in their power to achieve them.

Who wouldn’t adore Kakou Ton when you see that he matures and changes his views of the Maozoku. Sure, he isn’t as close to them like the other guys but he is still able to know the real them through Kan U. He said that it’s amazing how he can see things clearly now that he lost his left eye compared to when he has both eyes. It is a beautiful line. Unless you lose something, you’ll continue with your blind judgment and take things for granted.

All Kakou Ton-Kan U moments are gold. I don’t remember when is the last time that I keep on rolling around my bed and have this huge stupid grin plastered on my face while playing an otome game. They’re like two teenagers falling in love. Too cute to handle!

I had to tone down the volume during the scenes when he is still hostile towards Kan U because he always shouts lol. But when Tattsun lowers his voice, it’s just AKFJDLSKJFLA. God, my heart can’t take it! Everything about Kakou Ton is just ASKDJFAKLJDALKDF. Ahaha

It’s sad though, about what happened with Kakou En. I didn’t expect the turn of events. Though it’s the most plausible choice than him liking Maozoku as well. I think that added to Kakou Ton’s maturity as well.

Chou Un

If there’s a character that I’m so excited to play, that would be Chou Un’s route. Sadly, this has too much angst than I had imagined or prepared myself for.

Chou Un is a general in Yu Shuu and serves Kou Son San. Like his master, he isn’t concerned with the hatred towards the Maozoku. Never did he call them their derogatory name, Jyuuza. He is always kind and a gentleman. Chou Un is comparable to a big brother figure, ready to help and be relied on at any given time.

The moment Chou Un reprimands Kan U from getting involved in the war, I feel like facepalming, right away. He is especially concerned that Kan U, being a female, have to fight. Being a gentleman and a true knight that he is, he’d rather do the protecting than let her be in danger. That, I understand. Thing is, rather than protecting, he’s like hindering her to show her strength.

Another facepalming moment for me is that Kan U is tied down to administrative works. She is being served and protected by her people. While I’m happy that Kan U leads a peaceful life, I also feel frustrated at times. Kan U is being held back, mentally and emotionally. Her status suddenly restrains her. Seeing her fight every route, most notably in Kakou Ton’s route where she shows her fighting prowess, it only seems natural that she will normally thrive in the battlefield. That is her natural habitat. She doesn’t fight because she wants territory, but she fights to protect the people. And Chou Un prevents her from doing that. Kan U is a great leader. But she isn’t suited to stay in the background to just do all the scheming and strategizing. She has to be in the front lines. However, given Kan U’s complicated family background, this thing about staying safe in the palace seems natural.

Going back to Chou Un, it is ironic how he isn’t concerned much to their races but worries over things such as status and orders. He is a knight, all right. However, his personality turns a 180-degree once he knows the deal with Kou Son San (which is a real shocker btw, I even shed tears lol). Normally, when handled right, the master-knight relationship will tug to my heartstrings. Because duh, the tension should be really high and the lovers are being pulled apart. But all the would-be tension disappeared due to drama and Chou Un’s being an emo. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY TENNEN CHOU UN? ; A ;

I still love Chou Un as a character. I enjoy his comments and carefree smile but his route is just :|. I remember being in an important scene where he is professing his love, the usual lovey-dovey scene, but I’m too busy going :<, :O, =.= while remembering all the previous events. It’s like my feelings for him starts with <3 to 😐 wwww. Let’s also not forget that bastard En Shou meddles with their affairs more than necessary. He’s to blame for messing with Chou Un’s feelings.

I love the bad end though. It’s too heartbreaking (loving something because it is heartbreaking lmao). And all the tension that are absent in the previous chapters have poured in that single scene. DDX

Also, notice Chou Un’s hair. Isn’t it beautiful, flowing in the air like that? He could have been model in a shampoo commercial. www

Sou Sou

The very reason why Maozoku is dragged to the affairs of humans.

He is manipulative and cunning. He is proud and will do anything just to get the result he wants. Sou Sou have this obsession with Kan U that only gets stronger as you go along his route.

The first time he appears, I thought he looks cool. Then my views change to him being like a diva www. Idk why but perhaps because he looks so prim and proper, not even a wind can ruffle a strand of his hair? lol He turns super cool again in Kakou Ton’s route when he teases the lovebirds (omg I just feel bad thinking about this again ; w ;). So I wonder how will he turn out when he’s in love? Surely, you can’t imagine him being deredere, right? The very thought freaks me out. xD

His route turns dark and probably borderline yandere fast. But I also realize how lonely he might be (and in all the other routes). So I can’t really hate him. It’s like I’m being pulled apart in different directions. One side tells me that Sou Sou is insecure despite all the power that he have gained. He is unstable and finds stability with Kan U esp since she experiences all the love of a family Sou Sou never had. The other side tells me that he is doing things wrong. But what is right and what is wrong? It might be wrong for others, but it is right for Sou Sou.

I have been warned by his bad end. Naturally, I expect it to be a shocker. Apparently, I didn’t prepare enough lol. I am stunned by that end. Like, I’m waiting for something or someone who’ll tell me he is lying because god that’s freaking awful ; A ;. And then Kan U… Kan U… T___T So much despair lol.

On the other hand, the good end is… grand. 8D All the enemies have their own battle (I swear I’d like to strangle En Shou any day). All the issues have been resolved. All sins have been atoned and forgiven. And there’s unification. o/

…and just like what I’ve said in Ryuu Bi’s part, Too much love can kill you (or make you lose it).  8D


Certain route unlocks special routes for sub-characters. These can be accessed in the Momozono scenes.

En Shou

Why does he even have a route? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

En Shou’s route takes place after Chou Un’s bad end. This two-faced jerk continues to poison Kan U, making his route more infuriating.

The thing that I don’t understand with this guy is how can he be with someone, even touch or kiss, whom he sees as a monster. Aren’t you grossed out with yourself? Anyway, I can’t be anymore bothered by this guy. I hope I won’t see him in the FD.

Ba Chou

Ba Chou ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡

Ba Chou is the flirty, tanned guy Kan U meets in the first few chapters of the main story. Ba Chou and his men are once part of the allegiance. However, in the main story, you don’t see them anymore so it had me think, what’s the use of meeting Ba Chou?

Good thing is, it is well-explained and incorporated in his route. He constantly hits on Kan U that you wouldn’t know if he is serious or not. Too bad that he didn’t really have a ‘good’ ending. I’m crossing my fingers though, that they’ll eventually meet again.

Kakou En

Kakou Ton’s cousin. Just like his cousin, Kakou En deeply hates Jyuuza. This results to lots of blunder on his part due to being blinded by his prejudices.

Kakou En’s route kinda confuses me. It’s like he is in a loop? It makes me even think that there is a parallel world lol. Putting that aside, I like how he realizes his mistakes and atones for them. Albeit a little late, still, he is able to make things right. It leaves you with bittersweet feelings though.

…I love these Kakou cousins. 8D

Wrapping Up!

Jyuuzaengi is a good game. But it is not for everyone with its historical reference, very long playtime, and serious tone. If you don’t mind all this and you are in for a good story, then Jyuuzaengi is perfect for you! Oh and if you are worried about the kanji, believe me, I consider myself having a low level of it and still survived the game. So you might be able to play this too. 😀


9 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ (十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~)”
  1. Chou Un <3
    I didn't play this game yet, but I will… very soon :3
    "very long playtime" indeed. I'm playing Hakuouki and omg, it's been a month already and I only played 2 routes .-.
    It really seems a nice game. Thanks for the review 😉

      1. Yep, the very first one XD
        I’m kinda new in otome games 😛
        I used to play them on PS2, but there aren’t many titles for Ps2. And I bought a Psp 2 years ago, so, there’re many titles I wanna play/replay hehe

  2. I read this on my way to work and was all (//∇//) especially at your comments for Ryuu Bi and Kakou Ton. I can see your bias is the same as me and I’m not complaining one bit hoho~ Anyway since there seems to be more adult Ryuu Bi in Jyuuzaengi 2 and it’s said that his route was very OTP-ish so let’s hope for the best. 😀 Apparently Chou Un’s was really good too that I’ve been told to leave his for last.

    1. Same bias, as expected. www
      OTP-ish! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to play it!
      Btw, which route are they going to continue for Jyuuza 2? Is it Ryuu Bi's?

      1. From the descriptions it sounds mostly like Ryuu Bi’s, especially since I think his curse is now known by Kan U and co.

        1. I’ve actually been wondering what if all of the secrets have been spilled in all routes/everyone? Like Kan U’s parentage or Sou Sou’s roots. :3c

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