I’ve been putting off on reading this for a while now. But the beautiful art has been enticing me ever since. :3c

So I skimmed through the first volume and found it really engaging! alsfkjaslkf I only meant to see what it was like and never would have thought that it would be interesting.

Shiro was one sexy doS! *U* I’m usually a sucker for seemingly harmless characters whom in truth was a dangerous beast. (๑´ლ`๑)

Then, there was the pure-hearted officer (I forgot your name sorry! ><;; too focused on Shiro I guess? XD) who was a kind and reliable man. He was quite nosy when it comes to Shiro but he meant no harm.

Together, they make a good pair. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m not reading a BL manga…b-but some parts are (/ω\).

The story is a combination of lot of things: action, psychological, dark theme, comedy, name it. I’m liking the twists and turns in every chapter.

And then, there’s the art. God, the art is so beautiful…and sensual. www I could get nosebleeds with just the art. XD

Adekan is still on-going. When I get a lot of free time, I’ll read this properly because this DESERVES my 100% attention and concentration. 8D


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8 thoughts on “[Manga] Adekan”
  1. His name is Kojiro. XD Have you seen Anri yet? Once he appears the innuendos are doubled up lol. Seriously Adekan is like toeing the lines of BL ahem~

    1. Ahh. Right. XD I remember Saborouta more than his name. XD;;
      Yep! That frivolous guy. XDD I read the recent extra chapter where Anri tries to hit on…basically anyone cute. lol
      I liked how everyone seems to be attracted (and enjoys) the sadistic streak of Shiro. www

      1. Eheheh wait till you read the extra for vol5 (I think), Anri was just…a huge M lol.

        I like how Shiro is both feminine and manly at the same time. o/

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