charisma doll

It is usual for high school girls to admire popular singers and bands. Miyuki Sara is no different from them. She’s a fan of the No. 1 group, The Rise particularly the band’s lead singer named Hayase Shidou. The two of them are students of Toua High, a special entertainment school.

Sala is a popular singer whose gender is unknown to the public. Only her manager/mother and her cousin, Kazuma knows her real identity. In fact, Sala is the secret identity of Sara. But what will she do if her idol and the guy she likes is also her rival in the entertainment business?

Charisma Doll, written by Kurahashi Erika is a nine-chapter manga with one special chapter.

Storywise, the story focuses more on the love story of the main characters. It’s sad that it didn’t give more attention to the struggle of Sara to be famous just by herself, not as Sala. As for the characters, some doesn’t have much personality development throughout the story. The character of Sara was, of course, clearly established.

The drawing is nice and clearly drawn. Every character in the story is either a bishoujo or bishounen. It is also detailed in drawing since the mangaka drew the characters big enough to see.

Though it is a short manga, it didn’t fail to give the readers a lesson in life. That also adds to the cuteness and depth of the story.

All in all, this manga is good. This is appealing especially to the readers who like idol stories. Well, even if you are not, you’ll surely love this shoujo manga.


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