I hate this series. It made me feel sad and ended up crying. The story is indeed dramatic and heartwarming. ^_^

I hate this for making me cry but I love the fact that this is such a good story. I know, you’ve been always hearing that this manga is just so good. Allow me to make a review of this one.

So it took Takaya Natsuki eight years and four months to finish this series. The story started lightly yet straightforward. I just realized that the part which the anime ended, is just the start of the story. If you were shocked after you’ve learned the secret of Sohma’s then, you might be even more shocked when there are more revelations along the story. Also, more characters are opening up. They’ve changed little by little. It’s becoming more and more dramatic as the story goes on. The characters managed to keep their comedic side as well. As the series progresses, the characters also mature. Not to mention, the characters that aren’t in the anime.

The story centers on, of course, the Sohma’s curse, family, friendship, love and knowing and believing yourself. This is about how one’s kindness flows to everyone. Fruits Basket taught us all that.

The art is good and simple. It improves along the way. It clearly conveys the emotions in a particular scene especially the tones.

All in all, Fruits Basket is a must read. It really is amazing. See it for yourself.^_^


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7 thoughts on “[Manga] Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット)”
  1. gyaaa~!! naexcite naman ako sa review mo.. XDD
    super bitin nga talaga ang anime..haist! mamaya lang babasahin ko na ito..^_^

  2. I liked Fruits Basket much as well. And it did make me cry, admittedly. That’s why I used to lock the door while watching it before.

  3. I LOVE Fruits BAsket! I’m almost done with the manga and i have the whole anime series and i was so surprised tht they stopped it in the beginning! great anime and manga and great review!! 😀

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