After watching a marathon of Kuroko no Basket season 2, I’m in the mood for sports anime. I watched the on-going anime of Haikyuu and enjoyed it a lot!

Haikyuu!! is entertaining and engaging. I haven’t read much sports manga before because I’m pretty sure it will confuse me with all the actions and such. With Haikyuu!!, I easily follow the ball, as well as the flow of story. There are lots of funny scenes in the manga because Karasuno team is full of adorable dorks. Sure, none of the members are remarkable at first glance but their personalities are interesting.

Another thing that hooked me to this one is how Furudate Haruichi managed to maintain a sense of reality in the story. They don’t have absurdly super magical techniques or powers. Most of their strengths are plausible. Also, the mangaka is able to capture the emotions of each players in a competition, both for Karasuno and to all the other players from other team.

I can’t wait to see how will Hinata be the next Karasuno legend. 😀


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