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Takamine’s parents failed in their business, and everything was lost in no time. He is then left to live in a shabby apartment with, his caretaker since childhood, Shirahane. Why did he stay, when Takamine is no longer his master, why is Takamine getting erect, and why does Shirahane think it’s splendid?

Another cute and light one-shot that I came across.

Hatsukoi no Kiss is perhaps one of the most complete one-shot I have ever read. Complete in a sense that other than having a balanced mix of romance and comedy, it does not leave the reader confused after. *coughGimmickcough*

After losing almost everything their family has, Takamine’s attendant retained in his side. His overprotective attendant, Shirahane, sticks to his side day in and day out. I find it cute when the supposedly calm, mature, and composed Shirahane is like a doting parent to his young master. And by the way, the way he says “Young Masteeer~”, reminds me of Clear from DRAMAtical Murder. I swear I could almost hear him say that in Clear’s voice lmao. But no, Shirahane is nowhere near as precious as Clear bby though … oops wrong post lol. I’ll save my flailings in my DMMD re:connect post. ;3

Going back, the relationship is the master-servant kind though there isn’t power-tripping or anything involved. Just pure first love story. What’s with me and first loves lately lol.

As for Takamine, he is a fairly average guy with a fairly average looks. But my favorite as you may have already noticed is Shirahane (n-not because his name reminds me of Warui series or anything *tsun voice). He is uke-ly adorable. While it hasn’t been confirmed who tops or bottoms between the two, I’m more inclined to think that he is a proactive uke. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be disappointed if he turns out to be the seme. D8

Wrapping Up!

Highly recommended! I forgot if this is one of the (many) titles that people over MU recommended to me. Either that or I just found this accidentally. Whichever way it is, I’m glad I came across with this manga as I truly enjoyed everything about it. Lol this review is short because I have nothing else to say than Cute~~! and Go reaaaaddd! XD


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